6 tips to keep your cats hydrated in summer

Heat and dry environment are some of the worst enemies of our furry friends in summer. There are many precautions we can take to protect them during the hottest months. Here we show you how to cool down your cats in summer.


I love animals. I would have hundreds of them. But when I was a child my mother taught me that if you have animals you have to take care of them. So let’s do it. In summer our pets run the risk of heat strokes and dehydration. The veterinarians of the AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital (HVMB) have offered us some tips to prevent leishmaniosis and heat strokes in dogs. Let’s now see how to keep our kittens and cats hydrated.


1. Leave fresh, clean water all around the house

It is always essential that our pets have access to water at all times, but in summer it is even more important. They should always have a bowl of fresh water next to their feeders, but it is also recommended that they have more than one drinking bowl. Cat drinking fountains are extraordinary devices to encourage cats to drink water, since they prefer moving water. In summer you can add some ice to the bowl or fountain to cool the water. But always use ices frozen in the right containers for them. A few years ago it became fashionable to freeze water balloons to cool our pets, but this was dangerous, since the balloons are not optimal for food consumption.


Why it is important that your cats are hydrated


2. Feed them with wet food

Most of the time we feed our cats with feed. It is always advisable to combine dry food with wet food. Wet food has a high water content and helps us keep our cats hydrated. Also, cats love fish and turkey wet food!


3. Massage your cat with your wet hands

When cats are very hot, you can wet your hands and gently run them over their back. If you don’t want to fill your hands with hair you can also do it with a damp washcloth. Don’t soak them, just moisten their fur slightly. This refreshes them a lot and, despite their fear of water, many will end up asking for it!


4. Cool their bed

You can make their bed more comfortable in summer if during the day you place a bottle of cold water wrapped in a thin towel next to the bed. You can also get a cold blanket in a specialised store that cools with the pressure of the animal when it is lying on top. Turn their bed into a small oasis!


How to cool down your cats in summer


5. Leave the ground uncovered

The flooring is colder than we think. Do not be surprised if you see that your cat lies on the ground looking for freshness. That is why it is convenient that you discover the floor of the cooler rooms, such as the bathroom, so they can lie on it.


6. Avoid being exposed to the sun

Cats who have access to a terrace or garden love to go out and play and lie down in the sun. However, you have to avoid exposing them directly to the sun and exercising in the hottest hours. If you see your cats start panting, put them in the shade and cool their body. They will surely improve in a few minutes, but if they do not do it, it is best to go to see a veterinarian.


How to protect your cats in summer

Cats tend to be duller in summer because of the heat. In any case, it is very important to take them to the veterinarian before any sign of alarm. At AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital they have a multidisciplinary team of veterinarians that can help you protect and take care of your pet properly. They are experts in all types of veterinary procedures, such as arthroscopy, surgeries, rehabilitation and physiotherapy of pets or hip replacement in dogs.


How to keep your cats hydrated in summer


Their veterinarians are so exceptional that people even bring animals from abroad to operate them in AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital. A few months ago, a caring owner took his dog with a cranial tumour from Switzerland to operate him there. Thus, the veterinarians of AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital form a multidisciplinary team and at the level of brain surgery they have resources such as high field resonance. This team, with veterinarian José Rial in front, is just extraordinary. You can visit them at their veterinary hospital in Alfaz del Pi. Keep your cats hydrated and take care of your pets as they deserves with the help of AniCura Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital.


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