Take care of the health of your pets at HVMB, the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital

Animals are one more member of the family. Most of them take good care of themselves, but all require medical checkups to be healthy and allow a coexistence with their humans in optimal conditions. For this it is very important to look for a good veterinary clinic that we like and that makes us feel confortable. If you live near Alfaz de Pi (Alicante) your best option is HVMB, the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital.


The motto of Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital can not be clearer: technology and kindliness for healthier pets. From its facilities, the HVMB team offers different treatments and care. Among them, they provide a valuable emergency service 24 hours. They have a total of eight veterinarians and five assistants, treating their furry patients with the utmost delicacy and professionalism. In Spain Life Exclusive we interviewed Dr. José Rial Cels, Head of General Surgery, Traumatology, Neurosurgery and Endoscopy and founder of Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital.



You’ve been working as a veterinarian for 30 years. What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this profession?
I’ve been working as a veterinarian in Alfaz del Pi for 30 years. In 1989, together with another veterinarian, we founded the veterinary clinic Alfaz, but for reasons of growth and becoming a reference centre it changed into the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital. My speciality at a personal level is orthopaedics and traumatology, which forces me to be constantly training in different European countries. I also attend conferences and courses as a speaker, which forces me to travel a lot and spend many weekends away from home. However, it is very rewarding to share knowledge with other colleagues.




What makes you so unique?
From the beginning we look for excellence in work. We have been pioneers in Spain as the first center to have helical CT. We have a center associated with the only high field magnetic resonance device in the southeast of Spain. Now we are part of AniCura, the largest network of hospitals and reference veterinary centres in Europe. It is also integrated into Mars Petcare, of which Blue Pearls and VCA are part, the two largest chains of the same characteristics in the United States. All AniCura clinics undergo internal quality control to meet high standards.


Lately people have more exotic animals at home. What kind of animals do you usually attend?
Mostly dogs and cats are treated. As for animals that are considered exotic, the most frequent are rabbits and parrots. We also collaborate with the zoos in the area.



In what languages ​​do you offer your services?
Of course we speak Spanish, but all the veterinarians speak English and some of us also speak Dutch. In addition, in customer service we will incorporate a person who speaks German and Norwegian.


If you want to take proper care of your pets, call the telephone number +34 966 860 669 and ask for your appointment at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital. You will find its facilities at 17 Passeig Mitja Llegua, in Alfaz de Pi (Alicante), between Benidorm and Altea. You can also check their treatments on their website (, their lastest news on their Facebook page ( or send them an email to:


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