Improve your dog’s life with a total canine hip replacement at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital

With the passaging of time people suffer all kinds of discomfort and muscle pain. One of the most performed operations in the elderly is hip replacement, which avoids suffering and improves the quality of life. Dogs suffer from these same problems, so why not get them an operation that can improve their lives? The professional team of Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital (HVMB) is specialized in total canine hip replacement and they tell us all the keys of this innovative operation for dogs.


Osteoarthritis and muscular problems generate a lot of pain for both people and animals. In some cases medication is needed, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but they are not always effective and they can have side effects. For those patients who do not respond to treatment with medicines, surgery is recommended as the best option. The HVMB veterinarians assure that after hip replacement with a prosthesis your dog will have a good pain-free life.


One of the most common injuries for which total hip replacement (THR) is recommended is hip dysplasia. This bone disease involves the development and abnormal growth of the hip, producing malformations in the joints and long-term osteoarthritis. Lameness in the hind limbs is one of the symptoms of this ailment. If you notice that your dog plays less, is not active or resists jumping, climbing stairs or walking, they may have hip problems.


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What is total hip replacement surgery?

Total hip replacement, also known as hip arthroplasty, involves orthopaedic surgery that seeks to replace the arthritic joint of the hip with a titanium prosthesis. This artificial implant is designed to fit perfectly on the hip of the dog, imitating its original anatomy. This procedure is especially recommended for dogs suffering from pain and a dysfunction associated with hip pathology, so the hip is released from discomfort and the animal can recover normal functionality.


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During surgery, the femoral head (arthritic ball) and the acetabulum are removed and replaced by artificial prostheses of the ball and socket joint. The femoral head prosthetic is placed in the femoral stem and the new joint is articulated by fitting it into the prosthetic acetabulum. The intervention has an estimated duration of 75 minutes. Although you may be afraid to subject your puppy to this operation, dogs with hip prostheses are free of pain for life and most of them recover their normal activity between three and six months after the surgery. If you prefer, you can opt for a conservative medical treatment against pain that includes weight control, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, rehabilitation and nutritional supplements. However, the TRH has the advantage that the dog does not need medication or treatment, which is an economic saving and eliminates the side effects of medicines. You can also choose a rescue surgery called arthroplasty with ostectomy of the neck and femoral head, but this intervention does not ensure that the dog stops suffering from pain, so the total hip replacement is usually more appropriate.


Healthy dogs, happy dogs

Those who live with pets know that they are members of the family. That is why it is normal for dog owners to do everything possible to improve their quality of life. Steve Funck suffered seeing how his dog Natasha was in constant pain, so he got a THR surgery for her and now Steve gets excited seeing her frolicking happily in the park. Likewise Paul Mara says that the prosthesis of his dog Zora has allowed her to enjoy life as a wildfowling puppy under any weather conditions.


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If you are concerned about the quality of life of your dog, call the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital today to request more information. Make your appointment by calling at +34 966 860 669 or sending an email to You will find more information about this and other surgeries on their website ( and their Facebook profile ( This extraordinary clinic is on the paseo Mitja Llegua, 17, in Alfaz de Pi (Alicante), between Benidorm and Altea.


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