Take care of the health of your exotic pet at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital

More and more people are looking for the company of exotic animals. But what happens if they get sick? The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital (HVMB) puts at your service a specialized clinic of medicine and surgery of exotic animals so your dear friends can lead a healthy and happy life.


A few decades ago it was quite rare to have animals at home. Some people had cats to hunt mice, others had dogs to watch the cattle and there were those who had horses or oxen to plow the field. Each one had its function and a task to fulfil, having a lazy pet was considered a luxury. Over time and rural exodus, cats, dogs, fish and birds were incorporated into the houses as pets. But nowadays it is common for people to have ferrets, hamsters, hedgehogs, squirrels, rabbits, snakes or even pigs in their homes. Like all living beings, they require care to be healthy, but not all veterinary centres are prepared to offer that service. At the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital they have the best specialized centre for medicine and surgery of exotic animals in Alicante.


Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital clinic


Medicine and surgery specializing in exotic animals

The veterinary specialist in medicine and surgery of exotic animals Johana Arlt Ghio is the manager of this service. You will find her in a local attached to the clinic, since these animals are treated separately to avoid stress created by the barking of dogs. Johana Arlt Ghio and veterinarians Quina García and José Rial have extensive experience in the surgery of exotic and wild animals. Among other cases, at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital, operations have been carried out on raptors, lions, tigers and sea lions, in addition to having collaborated with several zoos.


Within the group of exotic pets is a large number of animals. In order to offer an adequate medical treatment for each of them a level of specialization and excellence that few veterinary clinics offer is required. The veterinarians of the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital point out that the diseases suffered by these animals differ considerably from the usual disorders in dogs and cats. Many of them have metabolic problems or nutritional imbalances whose solution is very different from the one applied in cats, for example. In addition, for a proper treatment of certain animals a very specialized material and specific facilities with lighting and temperature according to the need of each species are needed. The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital team is professionally trained in the management of these animals, as well as in their diagnosis of pathologies, biology, food and medical treatment.


Exotic pets treatment


Professional services for exotic pets at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital

Among the services offered in this centre to care for exotic animals are internal medicine, specific vaccinations for each species, dental corrections, obstetrics and reproduction, neurology and dermatology, as well as surgery, traumatology and nutrition and behaviour counselling. Furthermore, for treatments of more serious diseases at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital they have an intensive care unit (ICU), a hospitalization service and a 24-hour emergency service. If you have an animal you have to take care of it and in this clinic they offer you all the necessary means to do it correctly.


Exotic pets


Keep your pet healthy and take care of it with the professional services of the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital. The clinic is on the paseo Mitja Llegua, 17, in Alfaz de Pi (Alicante), between Benidorm and Altea. Make your appointment by the phone number +34 966 860 669 or the email You can also get in touch directly with the exotic animal medicine centre by calling at +34 965 888 041. For more information about their different treatments and surgeries consult their website ( and their Facebook profile (, where you can also keep up to date with their latest news.


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