Improve the quality of life of your pet with the rehabilitation and physiotherapy of HVMB

The animals are tender and fiery beings that illuminate our life. They accompany us, guide us and teach us valuable lessons. If you are an animal lover you surely know the feeling that moves us to take care of them. When our pet is sick or suffering from a wound, we suffer with them and are willing to do anything in our power to help them. If your dog has suffered an accident or suffers physical pain, this interests you: The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital (HVMB) has its own physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre. Improve the quality of life of your beloved dog today.


When a person has an accident or is injured the usual treatment consists of a physical rehabilitation, physiotherapy or both procedures. Why not offer the same treatment to our dogs? The Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital includes a physiotherapy and rehabilitation centre run by the veterinarian Quina García. The various treatments offered are especially aimed at dogs thanks to their docility, since it would be more complicated to apply these procedures in other animals, such as cats. Although sometimes cats and other species are also treated.



For the recovery of the animals, electrostimulation, massage and hydrotherapy treatments are carried out, among others. These cares can accelerate the recovery of patients operated on for injuries of the locomotor or neurological apparatus and improve their quality of life. The physiotherapy of this centre is indicated especially for patients with arthritis, paresis and paralysis and also for those who are in the postoperative stage of orthopaedic surgery. This procedure can be combined with acupuncture, a non-invasive technique originating in traditional Chinese medicine. For this, special needles are introduced in specific points of the body of the animal to achieve beneficial effects. Contrary to what might seem, this method of alternative medicine is practically painless.



One of the most common problems that pet pets suffer is overweight. As for people, a sedentary lifestyle and excess feeding can lead to serious problems for animals’ health. When this disease is mixed with others the problem can become even greater. Osteoarthritis is a chronic and degenerative joint disease that causes pain, limping and stiffness of the affected joints.



If your pet suffers from this ailment you need to make gentle walks instead of sports activities with great impact. One of the most recommended treatments for this disease in people is swimming, but with animals it is not so simple. To solve this problem, at the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital they have special pools with an underwater treadmill that allows the dog to swim in a controlled and safe way. All this is done under the continuous supervision of the veterinarians of the clinic, who control the speed of the treadmill and the amount of weight that the patient supports. With this activity your dog will improve its muscle mass and its capacity for joint movement. In addition, hydrotherapy can also help drain lymphatic fluid, decrease inflammation and improve blood circulation. Thanks to the buoyancy of water, disabled animals can exercise without load and without impact, making it especially convenient for dogs with osteoarthritis.



It is incredible that today there are such fabulous methods that help us look after our pets and give them the best quality of life possible. And now it’s at your fingertips thanks to the Marina Baixa Veterinary Hospital. The clinic is located at 17 Passeig Mitja Llegua, in Alfaz de Pi (Alicante), between Benidorm and Altea. Change the life of your beloved pet today by requesting your appointment at the telephone number +34 966 860 669 or the email Also, you can consult more information about their different treatments on their website (, as well as on their Facebook profile (


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