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Do you have in mind what your dream house would be like? Do you have an idea about an exclusive business you want to create? Find the best architect and start bringing your project to life today.


Many times, we think about what our ideal home or an extraordinary company of our own creation would be like. But do you know where to start? Before throwing yourself crazy, you need to follow a few steps to avoid “empezar la casa por el tejado”, as we say in Spain (something like to put the cart before the horse). Once you have your idea, you will need an architect to take over the project. Let’s look at a practical example.


In which cases do I need to hire an architect


The Número Doce hostel is a small and cosy accommodation built in a modern and informal style located in the centre of El Campello (Alicante). From here you can breathe the tranquillity and the pure air of the Mediterranean coast. Its owners had in mind the creation of an impeccable business, so they contacted Norte42.


The team of architects of this company got down to business and designed a hostel with access through the ground floor of a residential building. From here you can access the upper floor, where there are eight rooms with private bathroom and comfortable spaces. In addition, it also has a room adapted for people with reduced mobility, complying with the regulations applicable to these establishments. The result was a fantastic, modern and clean accommodation, being built in just five months.


The best architects of Calpe


What can an architect do for you?

According to Spanish legal regulation, there are certain cases in which it is mandatory to hire an architect. But, in addition, the team of experts of Norte42 offer a complete and integral service of architecture and technical architecture, project management, 3D modelling and interior design. Likewise, they also carry out all kinds of technical reports and certificates that are necessary in notarial procedures, legal proceedings and even for private use.


The Norte42 team is led by architect Adriana Ludueña Jost and technical architect Francisco Perles García, two excellent professionals with many years of experience in the architecture sector. They offer an open approach to any scale of intervention, bringing to reality the projects and illusions of their clients applying maximum creativity, functionality and aesthetics. Get in touch with them to discover what they can do for you! For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Norte42 Architects

Avenida del Norte 42, local 3, Calpe (Alicante)

Telephones: +34 644 25 70 55 and +34 605 60 11 53


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