When do I need to hire an architect in Spain?

Erect a building or renovating a house is not as simple as hiring a team of builders to get to work immediately. In most of the occasions you will need the services of an architect to elaborate the project, give you advice to optimize the spaces and make sure that the construction meets all the quality standards. But in what cases do you need an architect in Spain?


The Ley de Ordenación de la Edificación (Building Regulation Law) regulates the cases in which a qualified professional in architecture is needed in Spain. Normally, it is only mandatory to hire an architect for the major works in which the architectural configuration of a building is altered, such as new construction projects or major renovations of a house. Therefore, if you are only going to change some tiles or the shower tray it is not obligatory to hire an architect, but you will need it if you are going to change partition walls or change windows.


However, although it is not mandatory in some cases, it is always advisable to have the services of an architect, as he or she can offer professional advice to optimise the spaces or provide alternative solutions that you would not have thought of. The architects can also take charge of requesting the corresponding building license and save you costs when executing the project with the most suitable materials.


Norte42 are your architects on the Costa Blanca


But what is an architect responsible for?

The architects prepare the project with you, so their professional vision is combined with your tastes, needs and limitations. Once the project is made you get a very specific budget to prevent you from scares later. Then the architects control that all the construction work is carried out properly with all the security measures. They can also help you with the service facilities of a building, such as heating or electricity. And, in any case, architects always give you peace of mind knowing that the entire project is being adequately supervised. If you need a good architect on the Costa Blanca, Norte24 is the trusted architecture studio that will offer confidence and security, as well as an excellent result, as evidenced by their large portfolio of satisfied clients.


Can I see an example?

Norte42 is an architectural studio in Calpe that provides services on the Costa Blanca. In 2016 they were responsible for carrying out this project for this single family home in one of the most privileged places in Calpe, Colina del Sol. For this building, pure lines were used in a design that priorities functionality, spaces and the visualisation of the extraordinary panoramic views of the surroundings.


Is it mandatory to hire an architect?


The team of Norte42 if formed by the architect Adriana Ludueña Jost and the technical architect Francisco Perles García, two excellent qualified professionals who will meet all your expectations. Contact them if you want to know more details about their services. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media!


Norte42 Architects

Avenida del Norte 42, local 3, Calpe (Alicante)

Telephones: +34 644 25 70 55 and +34 605 60 11 53



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