Norte42: The best custom architecture studio on the Costa Blanca

When you want to make a construction, whether to reform your home or to create a building from scratch, the first thing you need is a professional architect. But you need a really good one. A good architect is responsible for managing the project so that the client can leave everything in his or her hands with complete peace of mind. If you are going to undertake a project on the Costa Blanca, do not hesitate and get in touch with Norte42, the best architects in the area.


Located in the city of Calpe, a short distance from the beach, Norte42 is formed by two architects with extensive experience in the sector and great professionalism. The architect Adriana Ludueña Jost and the technical architect Francisco Perles García form a professional and well-oilded team with a large portfolio of satisfied clients. Their studio develops design projects, infrastructure and architecture, applying an open approach to any scale of intervention. The proposals they develop include design and installations, as well as architecture and urbanism. To do this they focus on the needs of each client and accompany them in the process of creating comprehensive projects, reflecting creativity, functionality and aesthetics in each of their jobs, as well as a deep commitment to society and the environment.



But what should people look for in an architect? In Norte42 they have it very clear. “First of all, what a person should look for in an architecture studio is someone they can trust,” says Adriana Ludueña Jost. “Making the decision to reform or expand a home or even start a new house, is a very important decision, where throughout the development of this project we will have to have someone who can guide and advise,” says the architect. The construction or the reform of a building implies an important investment that goes beyond paper. “A project is not just a few plans, there are many other factors involved, which must be taken into account to carry out this project from start to finish.” Faced with all these factors, as well as in the presence of unforeseen events that could happen along of a project, the client needs to trust someone who cares and defends their interests”. But that’s not all, for Adriana is also very important professionalism and quality, as well as commitment to the client and the project, seeking personalized and honest attention.



In addition, in Norte42 they offer an exclusive service, focusing on each client separately. “Our premise is to offer a personalized, complete and comprehensive service, accompanying our clients at all times towards the realization of their projects and their illusions,” says Adriana. In this way, they offer professionalism, quality, experience, compliance with deadlines, availability to resolve any issue effectively, personalized advice, transparency and honesty. Likewise, through their high quality service they are committed to finding the best solution in terms of economy, technique, efficiency and design. “Our goal is the satisfaction of our clients, offering personalized and exclusive attention. We are committed to every project, from its conception to its completion”. Each of their projects is carefully studied, prioritizing not only aesthetics and functionality, but also sustainability, economics and technical definition.



Their services also cover a large number of orders. Thus, their projects are embodied in single-family homes, residential buildings, commercial premises, swimming pools, industrial buildings, sports and recreational buildings, offices, housing estates and even hotels. Likewise, from their office of architecture and design they carry out diverse works:

• Preprojects.
• Feasibility studies in existing plots.
• Reform and expansion projects.
• New construction projects.
• Rehabilitation projects.
• Construction management.
• Material execution direction.
• Health and safety study.
• QA.
• Energy efficiency certificates.
• Assessment report on buildings in the Valencian Community.
• Existing construction certificate.
• Certificates of habitability.
• Urbanization projects.
• Demolition projects.
• Legalization files.
• Detail studies.
• Parceling projects.
• Opening and activity projects.
• Management and presentation of projects in town halls.
• Realization of photorealistic images (renders).



If you are thinking of doing that construction, do not hesitate and contact now the reliable architects of Norte42. Adriana and Francisco will be delighted to attend you in Spanish, English, French or German. Thier studio is located at North 42 Avenue, Local 3, in Calpe. You can contact them by the phone numbers +34 644 25 70 55 and +34 605 60 11 53 or the email In addition, you can find more information about their projects on their website ( or on their Facebook profile (


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