A life without physical pain is possible

Do you have physical pain and doctors have not been able to help you? Have you tried physiotherapists and osteopaths and it has not worked? Today we show you a testimony of a Body Stress Release patient with whom you may feel identified.


As we get older, the body hurts more. But physical pain is not only caused by age. Falls, injuries or bad positions also affect. However, one of the modern harms that generates more pain is the accumulation of stress. All that tension that we produce every day stays inside our body and manifests itself in many ways. It can be anxiety, depression, anger… But one of the most common consequences is physical pain. These pains are very difficult to eliminate because of their origin. In these cases, Body Stress Release (BSR) can help you.


This non-manipulative technique uses a series of slight pressures on the patient to enhance a self-healing response in the body. For this, the Body Stress Release practitioner gently presses with a finger the points where stress is concentrated in the body, which generates a response in the brain to start the self-healing process without the need for strong stimulus.


Techniques to remove physical pain


Painless patients, happy patients

Many of the Body Stress Release patients tell how this technique has improved their life. For example, Mrs M., 36, offers her testimony.


“I’ve been suffering for more than six years with a numbness on the left side of my body. It affected my neck right down to my foot. I’ve been to a number of doctors, and their diagnoses were: muscle spasm, inflamed muscles and even arthritis. Someone referred me to BSR and I thought that I’d try it to see how and if it worked. I was amazed and overjoyed at the results. The numbness went away gradually and the technique really worked for me.


Presently I felt much better, and to think that I’ve actually spent quite a large amount of money for six years. I went through agony and felt very depressed. I am so excited at this moment because I can truly say that BSR works. I can feel how the body heals itself. I would also recommend people with any physical problem to have BSR.”


Body Stress Release on the Costa Blanca

If you are interested in trying this technique, there are currently only two BSR practitioners in Spain. You can find one of them in Gavá (near Barcelona) and Annita van Arkel-Verheugen in Benisa (Alicante). She opened her practice on April 1, 2018. Call her to make an appointment now and discover this exclusive technique that can help you feel better and live pain free! For more information, please visit her website and find her on Facebook.



Body Stress Release Costa Blanca

Calle El Verderol, 14, Benisa

Phone: +34 634 304 391


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