Body Stress Release: Live a pain free life

We often accept pain as a part of life. But we do not have the need to suffer, neither physically nor emotionally. The Body Stress Release method can help you, as it is so much more than “fixing” pain!


Injuries, age, physical and emotional exhaustion, psychological damage… Every test we face in life leaves a mark on our body, whether visible or invisible. As a result, we often suffer unbearable pain that neither doctors nor physiotherapists can relieve. But we have some more alternatives. Body Stress Release (BSR) is a complementary health technique that can help you unlock the tension that has accumulated in your body.


Stress may have an emotional, chemical or physical origin. This stress produces an overload in the body or a tension that affects the tissues of our anatomy. Some of the symptoms of accumulated stress are headaches or migraines, lumbar pain, muscle spasm, sciatica, impaired immune function or other types of pain. To relieve this tension the Body Stress Release technique does not use massages or strong stimuli that can cause more pain. Instead, the practitioner examines the patient’s neuro-muscular responses to determine the body parts with stored tension. Then the practitioner releases the tension of the body through a specific and directed impulse with a non-invasive technique. Therefore, this method is safe for all types of patients, from babies to the elderly. A BSR session usually lasts about 30 minutes in which the patient remains fully clothed.


What to do if the physiotherapist can not help me
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Body Stress Release is much more than a technique for “fixing” pain

Our nervous system is composed of an intricate network of nerves. On the other hand, the spinal cord is the element responsible for transmitting nerve impulses through the body. Therefore, releasing the tension of your spine can stimulate a self-healing response across multiple areas in your body. For example, BSR can influence digestion, liver and organ function, as well as energy output, sleep and allergies. This is because spinal nerves effect and influence in all these things.


Body Stress Release is a non-invasive technique, so you do not need to wait to suffer pain or stiffness to ask for an appointment with your practitioner! The regular Body Stress Release maintenance is recommended to keep you pain free and to ensure the nervous system remains optimized on a systemic level. Annita van Arkel-Verheugen is one of the two Body Stress Release practitioners in Spain. You can book an appointment in her Benisa practice and enjoy a new pain free life. For more information please visit her website and find her on social media.



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