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Do you have physical pains and do not know why? Do you suffer a lot of stress in your daily life? If you have accumulated tension it can affect your health at all levels. Body Stress Release is a natural technique to restore your self-healing. Do you want to know more about it?


Have you ever observed what happens to your body when you are nervous or angry? Your whole body tenses and becomes stiff, putting you on the defensive. All that tension stays inside you, so stress builds up in your body, causing long-term physical pain. One of the most modern techniques to release that tension from you is Body Stress Release. Today we tell you some of the keys to this new method.


What is Body Stress Release?

Body Stress Release is a natural technique suitable for everyone that prompts the body to heal itself. For this purpose, a series of light pressures are made by the practitioner in certain points of the body where stress accumulates. The practitioner uses a thumb or finger and this generates some messages in the brain that alerts it about the accumulated tension and initiates a self-healing response. The philosophy by which this non-invasive method is governed is that the body does not strongly stimulus to respond.


Is Body Stress Release suitable to help with migraines?

Migraines are intense headaches accompanied by other ailments, such as photosensitivity. It is very difficult illness to treat and that is why many people look for alternative solutions to a medication that has been ineffective for them. According to the creators of this technique, many people suffering from migraine have responded positively to Body Stress Release, needing only three sessions to improve their health. However, they also add that in certain cases it will be necessary to apply a longer treatment. Migraines are usually an overload of stress that the body accumulates in the neck tighten, which can reduce blood flow to the head and brain, among other physical ailments and visual disturbances. The practitioner can also help you identify and change behavioural or postural issues that can cause migraines.


How can I improve my physical health


How does the Body Stress Release patient feel during the treatment?

The practitioner of this technique applies very light, non-invasive pressures on the patient’s body. However, sometimes it is possible that the patient does not feel anything. This is due to a severe build-up of tension in the nerves of the body. The protective action of the body’s musculature generates a numbing effect on the nerves and the surrounding tissue. As the treatment makes effect the body will let go the tension and decompression will occur, so that the sensation will return naturally to the affected areas of the body as a result of improved overall communication in the body.


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If you suffer physical pain and want to improve your health you can find an expert in Body Stress Release. Annita van Arkel-Verheugen is one of the two practitioners in Spain. To get in touch with her call the phone number +34 634 304 391 or send her an email at Her practice is at Calle El Verderol, 14, in Benisa. For more information, please visit her website and social networks.


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