Say goodbye to the tension of your body

The tension that accumulates every day in our body is manifested with physical pain. Body Stress Release is a natural technique that activates your self-healing. Do you want to know how it works?


In today’s society almost all people live stressed. We run everywhere, we are pressed by the demands of work and we no longer know how to relax. All that tension builds up inside our body and is later externalised with physical illnesses and pain. Body Stress Release (BSR) is a non-invasive technique started in Cape Town in 1987 by Gail and Ewald Meggersee to get rid of all that accumulated tension of your body. In this article we continue to answer questions about how Body Stress Release works and how it can help you gain quality of life.


Is Body Stress Release a massage?

No, it is not. The objective of BSR is to activate your body’s self-healing abilities, so that areas where stress has accumulated are released. The body’s natural reaction to stress situations is to tighten the muscles. According to experts in Body Stress Release, it is not convenient to force the muscle to undo this contracted position. They also think that stretching exercises are not helpful to release the accumulated stress in your body. Therefore, BSR practitioners release the underlying body stress so that the muscles relax.


Can BSR help people who have had neck and back surgeries?

Body Stress Release practitioners state that patients with pain after a back or neck operation often respond positively to sessions. Sometimes an operation restores the mechanical functioning of the body, but does not focus on the underlying cause of pain. These operations can generate stress in our body and BSR is a non-invasive method to gently promote a full recovery. It is important that a maintenance program be followed after the initial three sessions of BST so that the patient can live a life without pain.


BSR helps you release tension from your body


Can the pain come back?

When you start a Body Stress Release treatment the muscles are letting go and re-aligning, so your body has to adapt. If you feel pain again after a BSR session it may be a sign that your body has not fully adapted to the changes. With this technique the accumulated tension of your body is released and the patient feels better, but during the healing process the body may splint with surface muscles to protect vulnerable areas, and this can cause temporary discomfort. In addition, the BSR practitioner will give you advice about your posture, exercise and sleep, among other things to prevent your body from accumulating stress again. If you follow his or her advice to the letter, but the pain returns, it is likely that your stress is present at a deeper level, so the practitioner will have to work on that deeper layer of tension to release.


If you are on the Costa Blanca and want to try this non-invasive healing technique you are in luck. Annita van Arkel-Verheugen is one of the two Body Stress Release practitioners in Spain and has her practice in Benisa (Alicante). Call to make an appointment with her and recover that quality of life you have lost because of stress. Start today a new life without pain. For more information please visit her website and find her on social media.



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