The 6 Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca

The Costa Blanca is a destination especially known for its excellent beaches, its pleasant weather and of course the good quality of life. And above all it is known for its exquisite Mediterranean diet, its fresh products and its wonderful restaurants. Therefore, we have been researching a lot of the good things that we enjoy and we invite you to join us on a tour of some of the best top chefs on the Costa Blanca. Bon appétit!


We all like to eat well. When we visit a restaurant, we will look for more than just to satisfy our hunger. A good dish not only stimulates our sense of taste, but also makes us pleased we tried this new place or went to our favourite restaurant therefore transporting us to another places or times, inviting us to discover amazing flavours and making us experience new sensations through the palate. There are in the Costa Blanca many expert chefs who know how to combine the ingredients with mastery techniques to make up an absolutely pleasant sensation. Some of the best chefs in Spain reside on the Costa Blanca, offering us unique and spectacular culinary proposals. In their restaurants, good cuisine is more than just cooking, it is a science and art, as they raise gastronomy to another level. We start today on a journey to discover in our opinion six of the best chefs of the Costa Blanca with this first article of a series.


Chef Cristina Figueira at El Xato restaurant

El Xato is a restaurant with more than 100 years of family history where they have managed to conquer the tradition and keep their qualities and style. This place opened its doors in 1915 as a winery, and went from one family member to another as the business grew and modernised. When the fourth generation of the Cano family took over the restaurant, Cristina Figueira took charge of the kitchen.


This extraordinary chef learned her basics from the experience of Esperanza Fuster Devesa, the mother of the current restaurant owners. She transmitted her wisdom, her passion for cooking and the philosophy of El Xato. Taking advantage of a period of renovations in the restaurant in 2006, Cristina worked in the high cuisine restaurant Celler de Can Roca. There she learned new culinary techniques from another international master, Joan Roca.


The Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca


In this way, chef Cristina Figueira incorporated the most modern culinary techniques to El Xato’s dishes. Thus, in the menu of this restaurant we find innovative dishes with traditional roots, all of them with a powerful flavour and a balanced composition. You will find this spectacular restaurant on avenida Iglesia, 3, in La Nucía (Alicante). Book your table by calling +34 965 870 931.


Chef Alberto Ferruz at BonAmb restaurant

The BonAmb is a wonderful restaurant that is located on the edge of Jávea. This restaurant is famous for its two Michelin stars and its three Soles Repsol, but also for offering haute cuisine menus at an affordable price. This is the cheapest 2-Michelin-starred restaurant in Spain, because they don’t want to exclude anyone from the fantastic experience they offer.


This beautiful restaurant opened in 2011 betting on a different proposal. In this way, complete menus are offered with various appetisers, dishes and desserts, in which the flavours and ancestral wisdom are valued and recognised. Behind this idea is the young chef Alberto Ferruz. Alberto grew up in a kitchen in Cariñena, a small town in Zaragoza. At only 12 years old he began to help in his uncle’s restaurant. Shortly after he studied cooking and left his homeland to study with one of the best Spanish chefs, the well-loved Martín Berasategui. Later he crossed the borders and went to work at the prestigious Parisian restaurant Taillevent.


The Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca


When chef Alberto Ferruz returned to Spain, he spent some time with chef Quique Dacosta before embarking on his adventure at the BonAmb restaurant, where he applied all his knowledge to create innovative dishes with great passion and excellence that positioned him in the centre of Valencian gastronomy. In addition, in 2015 he received the award for Best Chef of the year awarded by the Academy of Gastronomy of the Valencian Community. Among others of his hits, he also represented Alicante cuisine at the prestigious meeting “Lo Mejor de la gastronomía” in San Sebastián.


If you want to know what a Michelin-starred restaurant looks like and enjoy at the same time a unique and unforgettable experience with the dishes of chef Alberto Ferruz, visit the BonAmb restaurant! You will find it on the Benitachell road, 100, in Jávea (Alicante). Book your table by calling +34 965 084 440.



Chef Bruno Ruiz at Aticcook restaurant

In a beautiful attic of Denia we find the Aticcook, a restaurant that offers us a completely different and unique experience. How many times have you tasted signature cuisine in direct contact with the chef? Here you will not only taste succulent dishes made with cutting-edge cooking techniques, but a new way of understanding restaurants is offered, since the kitchen and dining room share the same space. Behind the stove of this wonderful restaurant is chef Bruno Ruiz, right in front of the diner. In this extraordinary chef, passion, discipline, nonconformity and revolution are mixed, resulting in an excellent combination that shows his unique and masterful identity.


The Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca


The vocation of chef Bruno Ruiz came to him at a young age as he grew up near the oven of his grandparents and exploring while his father cooked. He studied in Denia and enriched his training with some of the best Spanish teachers. At Celler de Can Roca, he learned a new way of understanding cuisine that revolutionised his experience. Later, he was a disciple of Martín Berasategui and Pedro Subijana in San Sebastián, who introduced him to the highest level of gastronomy philosophy and cooking techniques.


Wishing to use up passion and innovation in their dishes, chef Bruno Ruiz arrived at the Aticcook restaurant, turning around the idea of traditional restaurants. Here he mixes with mastery and sensitivity local and international products, offering unique dishes that combine tradition, technique and innovation. In addition, he finishes the dishes in front of the diner, so you can perfectly understand the elaboration process. This restaurant is in Camí de la Bota, 13, in Denia (Alicante). Book your table by calling +34 678 304 387.



Chef Patrick Manguette in Puerto Blanco restaurant and Kanaiia restaurant

Chef Patrick Manguette stands out for his incredible creativity, offering us new and extraordinary dishes every week in his two restaurants in Calpe, Puerto Blanco and Kanaiia. In the Puerto Blanco restaurant he bets on a more formal kitchen in a quiet and elegant atmosphere, while the Kanaiia restaurant is more fun, an informal place for urban food.


The Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca


Patrick was born in Calpe, but has Belgian and Dutch roots. His parents opened the Puerto Blanco in 1983, becoming a reference in international cuisine. Chef Patrick Manguette travelled through Europe to learn from the best chefs, such as French chef Michel Bras. In 2004 it completely renewed the Puerto Blanco restaurant, offering traditional dishes with creative and original touches to satisfy the most demanding palates. In 2016 he opened the Kanaiia restaurant to unleash his powerful creativity, where you can taste delicious recipes from all around the world made with the best fresh local ingredients. A real art in the palate.


The Puerto Blanco restaurant is located in urb. La Canuta Baja, 35b, in Calpe (Alicante). Book your table by calling +34 965 830 977 (this restaurant will be closed from November 4 to December 24). On the other hand, the Kanaiia restaurant is on Calle Blasco Ibáñez, 24, in Calpe (Alicante), very close to the beach. Book your table by calling +34 966 933 612.



Chefs Isabel and Juan Fuster at Soqueta restaurant

Soqueta is a brilliant Mediterranean restaurant in Oliva. This family business opened its doors in 1984. Since then they have offered a pleasant and cosy space to all their guests, where they can enjoy its exquisite Mediterranean cuisine made with fresh local products and modern touches, highlighting the delicacy and powerful flavours of their dishes


The Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca


This restaurant began with a humble and small lounge, but the dedication and effort of his team soon made Soqueta become a place of reference in the area. With chefs Isabel and Juan Fuster in front, this family restaurant is characterised by good taste, modernised traditional flavours and some of the best rice dishes you can eat in the Valencian Community. If you want to taste them, you will find this cosy restaurant on the vía de Ronda, 118, in Playa de Oliva (Valencia). Book your table by calling +34 962 851 452 or +34 605 831 938.


Chef Dani Frías at La Ereta restaurant

Visiting La Ereta restaurant is getting carried along. Let yourself be carried along by its extraordinary atmosphere, by its wonderful panoramic views of Alicante and by the surprising culinary proposal of chef Dani Frías. This restaurant invites us to enjoy new ways of understanding gastronomy: they don’t have an à la carte menu; instead, they offer us two complete menus that are composed by amazing traditional dishes made with modern techniques and different cooking. In this way, chef Dani Frías combines traditional and modern cuisine, offering his extraordinary creations with powerful flavours and artistic presentations on the plate. In addition, thanks to the hard work of his team, they have obtained a Sun from the Repsol Guide in 2015.


Chef Dani Frías has demonstrated his passion for cooking since his childhood. Although he started studying chemistry, he soon began to study cooking in Barcelona, ​​where he finished first of the seventh promotion with the three prizes awarded by the school. In 1993 he opened his first restaurant and shortly after he was learning even more in the three most prestigious restaurants in San Sebastián: Martín Berasategui, Akelarre and Arzak. In addition, he also learned with chef Paco Torreblanca.


The Best Chefs in the Costa Blanca


Over the years he has taught and done more courses to keep improving every day. He also took over several restaurants, leading them to a resounding success. He was teaching for 8 years as a teacher at the CdT of Alicante and he has also developed multitude of projects, such as Q-Linaria Catering —which was first a gourmet store—, as well as the Casino Alicante, the Bonalba golf club, the Pueblo Acantilado hotel and several wedding venues. He is currently managing a very cool project of an updated bar, Probar.


In 2006 he took over La Ereta restaurant. There he applied his culinary knowledge, since he learned that traditional flavours can be combined with modern cuisine with signature touches, and also that the most typical products of our land could be worked in a different way without losing its essence. And that is what you will find in this extraordinary restaurant, located in Parque de La Ereta, s/n, in Alicante. Book your table by calling +34 965 143 250.


Would you like to dine at the best restaurants in the Costa Blanca? Then continue to read our website to stay tuned on where to eat through Spain Life Exclusive. In the next articles we will invite you to learn more about these extraordinary best chefs and their restaurants!

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