La Ereta restaurant: Be carried along by Mediterranean cuisine

Chef Dani Frías presents a new way of understanding restaurants in La Ereta, a restaurant located in an extraordinary spot next to the Castle of Santa Barbara in Alicante.


Visiting a restaurant is more than tasting exquisite dishes that you don’t usually eat at home. It is an experience. Some restaurants provide better experiences than others, transporting us to distant places through the palate or offering us new ways of understanding gastronomy. In La Ereta restaurant they have gone one step further, since they do not have an à la carte menu. Instead, you can choose between two complete menus and let yourself be carried along by the wonderful power of traditional flavours that have been updated according to the new culinary techniques. Here you will enjoy a completely different way of eating.


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A dream team

The kitchen at La Ereta restaurant is led by chef Dani Frías. His team is made up of young professionals who stand out for their dynamism and passion for cooking, such as maître Juana Romero and head chef Patricia de León. Thanks to their effort and their work they have obtained a Sun from the Repsol Guide in 2015.


Discover a new way of eating at La Ereta restaurant


From here, chef Dani Frías transmits his unique way of understanding Valencian gastronomy, working in a different way with ingredients from the region, but without losing their original essence. He learned that traditional flavours can be combined perfectly with modern cuisine with signature touches, and that is transmitted in each of the dishes of the Ereta and Degus menus.


Two unique menus

As the team at La Ereta tells us, when a gourmet friend or even a gastronomy critic goes to this restaurant they always say: “Put me what you want.” Chef Dani Frías wanted to feed all his guests like this, cooking every day with the best fresh products of the season.


The Ereta team relies on that philosophy to offer two exquisite menus that will make you enjoy Mediterranean cuisine as never before. In the Ereta Menu you can eat dishes like shrimp with almond and lemon, rice with eel and spicy pork sausage, fish of the day with vegetables sauce and onion and two desserts. The Degus Menu is very similar, but more complete, offering even local pastry of Iberian prey and figs, Iberian pig tail with shrimp and asparagus and more desserts. In addition, you can pair these dishes with the wines proposed by the expert sommeliers and maître of La Ereta restaurant.


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If you visit the impressive Castillo de Santa Bárbara you can finish your fantastic tour at La Ereta restaurant, where you can enjoy excellent flavours and spectacular panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea and the city of Alicante. Do not miss this unique experience, call now to book your table! Discover the restaurant that has Alicante at its feet. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



La Ereta restaurant

Parque de La Ereta, s/n, Alicante – 03001

Phone: +34 965 143 250


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