Should you apply for the Spanish residency card? Follow the advice of Sun Lawyers to know what is best for you

Moving legally to another country is complicated. You have to make numerous arrangements and have the appropriate documentation to avoid breaking the law. Now with the Brexit the citizens of the United Kingdom who travel to Spain or stay here are in a position of uncertainty and many of them would like to be calmer. If it is your case, are you considering applying for a Spanish residency card? Sun Lawyers explains to us in which options it is necessary to have one.


Sun Lawyers attorneys specialize in financial, legal and property law and speak in English to meet the needs of people who are not fluent in Spanish. In this way, they usually represent residents and non-residents in all legal aspects, such as obtaining the Spanish health card, trade of properties and power of attorney. Residence permits are one of the most common problems for their clients. For these cases Sun Lawyers experts differentiate three situations in which it is advisable to apply for a Spanish residency card: if a non-Spanish person is going to spend more than 90 days in Spain, if you want to access the Spanish health system and if you want to regulate your situation of legality in Spain. Let’s see each of them separately.


Solicita la Spanish residence card


Are you going to spend more than 90 days in Spain?

When you are going to stay more than three months in a country it usually means that you are not on holiday. To regulate this situation the law indicates that you must obtain a Spanish residency card to have a stay permit. Also, if you are a citizen of the United Kingdom, the mysterious future of Brexit could create problems for you. If the United Kingdom finally leaves the European Union, financial movements will be hindered and you will have to apply for visas, which can create problems for you in the coming months. In addition, from Sun Lawyers they warn that there is a delay in the appointment system of two months to obtain the EU residency card. If you need one it is best to request yours as soon as possible.


Would you like it to have healthcare in Spain?

The Spanish health system is one of the main advantages of this country. When a foreigner comes to reside in Spain it is normal to want to access this Social Security system. But it is not a totally free service, contrary to what many often believe. As we saw earlier, emergencies are covered for all people who are in Spain. But if what you need is an ongoing treatment or you have a non-life-threatening illness, like a back pain or a cold, you need the Spanish residency card for a doctor to see you. You can access a limited and temporary healthcare in Spain without Spanish residency card if you belong to a country of the European Union, but ongoing treatments are not included.


Sun Laywers help you with the Spanish residence card


Do you want to be legally in Spain?

For the attorneys of Sun Lawyers having a Spanish residency card it is a matter of “pace of mind” and they recommend to carry out all your procedures according to the laws of the foreign country where you are residing. It’s common sense. From Sun Lawyers they give a habitual example. Although European driving licenses are valid in Spain, when you apply for your Spanish residency card you can exchange your European license for a Spanish one, which could avoid you certain problems and headaches in the future.


Do not leave it for tomorrow, request your Spanish residency card as soon as possible. In Sun Lawyers can help you with the process, let yourself be guided by their professional advice. Their team of experts will be happy to assist you in both Spanish and English. The main office of Sun Lawyers is at calle Cielo, 9, ground floor 3, but they also have offices in Calpe, Campoamor, Playa Flamenca, La Zenia and Jávea. You can also contact their lawyers by the phone number +34 965 321 193 or the email For more information visit their website ( or their Facebook profile (


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