How to protect your health in Spain according to Sun Lawyers

The Spanish health system stands out for the high quality of its services. It is a well-oiled machine with free access to all persons who pay their taxes in Spain. If you are a foreigner resident in this country, follow the advices of Sun Lawyers to be covered by the health system.


Sun Lawyers is a Spanish law firm founded in 1985. Thus, it has more than 30 years of experience and a team of professional lawyers who speak English and Spanish languages. Its main task is to represent residents and non-residents in all aspects of fiscal, legal and property law. From their offices they are in charge of managing these matters for all their clients, giving recommendations and legal advice. But how can we protect our health in Spain? The Sun Lawyers experts give us the main keys.


In Spain it is often said that “your heath is the only thing you have”. And, if you think about it carefully, it’s true. Money, people, relationships, material possessions… everything comes and goes. But your health will accompany you throughout your life. Apart from the diets, exercise and healthy practices, Sun Lawyers focuses on the health system. For this you will need a Spanish health card. The Sun Lawyers’ experts say it’s like having insurance, since you do not know when you’re going to need it.



Getting a Spanish health card is a fairly simple process, but two categories should be distinguished in terms of health issues: emergencies that usually require a quick reaction and ongoing treatments, which include serious illness and non-life threatening complaints. If you are wondering if you are going to be covered by the health system if you have an emergency in Spain, the answer is yes, you would. But if what you need is an ongoing treatment or you have a non-life-threatening illness, you will not be treated by the doctors if you do not have the Spanish permanent health card. To obtain a permanent full coverage Spanish health card, the process is the same in all areas of Spain. Thus, you must go through the hole process: register in the electoral roll, get the Spanish residency and go to the health center.



However, the uncertainty that accompanies Brexit also affects the health system. In the worst case scenario, the United Kingdom could become a complete non-European Union country. As a result, this would imply that their residents would have to request a visa, and one of the main requirements would be having to take out private insurance. If you have obtained the paper health card through the European Union Health card and the electoral roll, that it is limited and temporary, not useful for ongoing treatments.


What can you do? Take action now. Before Brexit, apply for your Spanish residency card and obtain your health card later. It is a bureaucratic process and not too complicated, but do not leave it until tomorrow. Now there is still a solution.



Do you have any doubt? Contact with Sun Lawyers, they will be happy to assist you in Spanish or English, offering personal attention tailored to your needs. You can call them by phone (+34 96 532 11 93), write them email ( or check their website ( You will find your main office in 9 Cielo Street, ground floor 3, in Cabo Roig. You can also find their offices in Playa Flamenca, La Zenia, Campoamor, Calpe and Jávea.


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