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Natural-Extra Cosmetics for Pets

Four years ago, Conrado Grandville and his team decided to produce his own line of cosmetics for pets on a whim, and in his own “naturally different” style. But how did he come up with

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Four years ago, Conrado Grandville and his team decided to produce his own line of cosmetics for pets on a whim, and in his own “naturally different” style. But how did he come up with these?


The first product that Conrado, founder of Natural-Extra®, tried to create in a laboratory test was the Natural-Extra® citronella as an insect repellent spray which contained natural, non-synthetic Java citronella. His formula was the only one on the market that contained the highest percentage of citronella. But what always motivated Conrado to make his products was not to get a bargain price, but to get the highest possible quality.


Even though he had managed to create a unique and off-the-shelf product, he couldn’t launch it because he did have a license to offer sanitary zoo products. Conrado was very sad and disappointed because they had the best product on the market, but they couldn’t offer it.  Conrado does not hide that his friends, employees, himself and his family made personal use of this citronella test that they were unable to launch. He personally put it on his whole body when he worked in the garden and, although he is very attractive to mosquitoes and his garden was plagued with these hungry insects, not one approached him. It worked great. He was so proud of his creation! Conrado loves to experiment and try everything he does first, whether it’s cosmetics or dog food, for example.


A great, natural product

They experienced all this in 2016. The following year they resumed trying to get a license and everything necessary to be able to market it, but the license and all documentation took so long that the summer of 2017 passed, and they couldn’t launch it. In 2018 they already had the license and the formulas, but they started too late with this project. If they do something, if they compete, they want to do it and compete first with themselves and outward in quality and service, not in price or scheming.


But they didn’t get tired of searching and this year they had everything they were looking for: the laboratory and all the legal and necessary documentation to be able to launch their products. Finally their citronella insect repellent will soon be launched, which its initial formula they have improved. They are also going to launch three different shampoos, a flea and tick pipette for dogs and cats, an optical cleaner for dogs and a repellent spray. They get the best natural ingredients, avoiding chemical and aggressive products. The neutral pH (7.4) of their products allows frequent use of them in general, even throughout the year because they have no contraindications. The repellents are recommended to use especially in spring and summer, which are the seasons of the year when the risk of external parasitosis is much higher than the rest of the year.


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Conrado and Osa


Natural repellents and shampoos: cosmetics for pets

Although a little late, they are going to launch them in the month of July 2019, when mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are already in full action, but better late than never! Likewise, Conrado is convinced that this product is superior to many in its kind that he was able to analyse, and even some that carry the ecological stamp. This is always his pride and happiness! Of course, Conrado is not hiding that he will be the first to use the citronella product, as he is “a delicacy” for mosquitoes. He confesses that he has tried personally all the products they launch now, shampoos, citronella, except pipettes. This gives him security, conviction and peace of mind.


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It took them time, but in the end their insistence and perseverance led them to make their dream come true: Natural-Extra® cosmetics for pets. Now, it is their mission that many four-legged friends take advantage of the benefits of these products of quality, confidence and transparency that, without being aggressive or containing chemical products, have a very high effectiveness! Conrado says that the dominant factor behind these products has not been “el señor don Dinero” (Mr Money), but the passion of making well-made cosmetics for pets, making them as if he were making them for his own dogs or for himself. If the money had been in the front line, these products would be on the market many years ago! Enjoy them with your four-legged life partners!


Here are the cosmetics for pets of Natural-Extra® brand available online in LaraVital®

Repellent made with natural citronella, geraniol and vanilla

This citronella repellent is the ideal product to improve the quality of a dogs’ life, especially in the spring and summer months, when mosquitoes and other ectoparasites are in full action! Its natural ingredients have deodorant, antiseptic and repellent properties. Vanilla essential oil is generally used in topical applications to relieve burns, bites, promote skin health and help hair growth. The natural perfume of citronella and geraniol act as a repellent without resorting to aggressive chemicals. That is why it can be applied frequently in the dogs’ hair, in their bed or place it where they usually make their life. It is available in a 500-millilitre manual spray container.


Antiparasitary repellent shampoo for dogs with neem, geraniol and lavender

The extract of the neem tree is characterised by its profound action to eliminate nested insects in the dog’s skin such as lice, mites, mosquitoes, ticks or fleas. The antiparasitic function of the components of this repellent shampoo remains active even after washing. Its neutral pH (7.4) and its natural repellents favour frequent use without damaging the dog’s skin or fur. In addition, it contains collagen, which moisturises the skin and vitalises the hair. It is available in 300-millilitre containers.


Antiparasitic pipettes for dogs and cats

These antiparasitic pipettes for dogs and cats contain neem, geraniol and lavender, completely natural products with a very effective repellent action to scare away all kinds of insects that are living in the dog’s body. They also act as a repellent for any insect that wants to invade the dog’s fur. They are ideal to prevent infestations and perfect for dogs and cats from three months old. These pipettes protect your dog for 30 days approximately. As it is a natural product, it has no contraindications and can be applied throughout the year. In addition, it does not disturb your dog’s sense of smell. Each blister contains two antiparasitic pipettes for topical application.


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Shampoo for dogs with “two in one” conditioner

This shampoo with “two in one” conditioner provides a deep cleaning of the fur coat and facilitates detangling it after washing. This combination of “two in one” brings brightness and volume to your dog’s fur, in addition to achieving a very intense hydration and great softness of the hair and skin thanks to its collagen content. It also repairs damaged hair obtaining professional results. The neutral pH (7.4) of this cosmetic for pets allows frequent use without damaging your dog’s skin and fur. It is available in 300 ml containers.


Shampoo with aloe vera for dogs

Aloe vera is known as a product with skin healing properties. That is why this shampoo with aloe vera is ideal for dogs with sensitive or damaged skin. It has a very moisturising action thanks to natural collagen, a component that helps strengthen the hair giving it a softness, shine and beauty that attracts attention. Thanks to its nutritional components that its formula contains, in a natural way (vitamins, aloin, saponins, amino acids, mucilage, trace elements) make it excellent for revitalising the hair especially from hair damaged by sun, dust and dryness. Its natural, non-aggressive ingredients and its neutral pH (7.4) make it recommended for frequent use. It is available in 300-millilitre containers.


Clean ears for dogs and cats

This cosmetic for pets is a natural otic solution for the hygiene and health of the external auditory canal and the ear pavilion of dogs and cats from one month old. It cleans and softens earwax and the accumulated dirt in the ear canal. This product does not contain alcohol, so it does not irritate the inner skin of the ear. It is a very soft and biodegradable product without contraindications. Also, it contains a physiological pH similar to that of the dog’s ear, so its frequent use acts as a preventive of possible infections and does not produce adverse reactions. It is available in a 125-millilitre container.


Change the life of your dog with LaraVital’s natural products and cosmetics for pets. If you have questions about how to take care of your pet’s health or want to know more about the exclusive products that LaraVital offers you, you can contact their friendly staff through the following ways.



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