Change the life of your dog with LaraVital

Are you worried about the health of your dog? Does your pet have problems continuously and do not get better? The answer may be in its diet.

The most common pet food in Spain is usually industrial feed, which we buy at the supermarket. These feeds are extruded, that is, cooked at high temperatures. This process denatures the food, because it kills the active ingredients.

What is a natural feed?

Natural feeds keep their ingredients “alive” because they are not subjected to high temperatures. The nutrients are fully preserved and reach your dog in its entirety. The raw materials are of first quality and come from producers for human consumption. In addition, no preservatives or artificial colours are added.


LaraVital is the online store that sells the best natural dog feed. The slogan Changing dogs’ lives is exactly what they do: their food has the ability to improve the health of dogs, so much that it changes their lives. Within LaraVital you can find the German brands Markus-Mühle, Luposan and Luponatural and their own brand: Natural-Extra, with an improved recipe and gourmet style.


History and philosophy of LaraVital

Conrado Grandville is the director of LaraVital and creator of the Natural-Extra brand. It all started with a trip to Germany. Conrado traveled with Lara, her German shepherd, who suffered from chronic diarrhea and allergies. There Lara tasted a natural food, pressed in cold, and in a very short time her problems disappeared. Thus, Conrado began to bring this food to Spain for his cherished dog and for some friends. But it was so successful that he quickly became an official distributor of German brands and then he created its own brand, Natural-Extra.



LaraVital is a committed online store, the most dog friendly in Spain. They feel a great love for animals, they are against the abuse and experimentation with them and they have a commitment to nature. Call them, write them on WhatsApp or on social networks and they will advise you on everything you need: what food is more suitable for your puppy, how to make the change from an industrial feed to a natural one or any questions you may have. They love dealing with their customers and they invest a lot in them. The philosophy of LaraVital is quality. The quality of the products and the quality of the treatment.


Enter LaraVital and discover the benefits of natural feed. Your dog will live better and will be happier, because health starts in the diet. Contact LaraVital today by the phone number +34 965 767 676, by WhatsApp (+34 639 001 248) or by email ( You can buy your products, receive tips on animal feed and chat with their employees from their website. If you prefer to visit their offices, they are located at 9 Riu Segura Street, in the Les Hortes industrial estate, in Beniarbeig (Alicante). LaraVital is also on Facebook (, Twitter (, Instagram ( and YouTube (


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