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If your kitten is your beloved companion and you care about its health, one of the most important aspects to take care of it is its feeding. As in humans, it is important to ensure that its diet is balanced, adapted to its species and that it has no deficiencies in any important aspect. In this post we will talk about natural feed for cats and food supplements to reinforce the weak points of these cute animals.


The best natural feed for cats

Common sense tells us that our friends, who now live at home with us, should be fed in the most similar way to how they fed in their natural environment in freedom. It is a logical and biological question. We have changed a lot the life habits of the cats, who have gone from being hunters to find their plate of food in their little corner of the house. For that reason, we think that the best feed for cats has to respect their hunting nature and be based on the prey that cats would eat in the wild. It is also important to choose a cat food without cereals, because they are not very digestible for them. And if it is also in our hands, choose brands of cold pressed food, because this form of processing respects and conserves nutrients better.


Natural feed for cats of LaraVital


How to complete the feeding of your cat

If you notice that your kitten needs to improve specific aspects of their health it is best to find a supplement that reinforces them. The organs that most often need extra help are the skin and hair, because there may be a lot of fall, dryness, lack of shine or itching. Also the digestive system need a supplement when there are cramps, diarrhoea or bad breath, and even the immune system. From time to time you can observe lack of general vitality on them, as when people go through a stage in which we feel weak. All these aspects can be greatly improved with the choice of an adequate food supplement. Many health problems are solved by treating them from inside, changing habits and feeding.


Solutions and opportunities to improve their life

If as a human you take care of yourself. You are aware of the repercussion of food on your health and try to avoid artificial additives as much as possible and you are surely looking for the same for your kitten. Also because proper nutrition is the best prevention against diseases. But in LaraVital they propose to go further: there is a tendency in feeding for cats called ancestral feeding. Its name gives us clues: this seeks that the feline feed in the most similar way to how their wild ancestors fed. Its benefits include returning the animal to its origins, satisfying its instincts and being more attractive to them, because it is perfectly adapted to their characteristics.


The best thing is to combine this philosophy of ancestral food with respect for the ingredients. And this is only achieved with cold-pressed cat food. This process of elaboration, in which the ingredients do not rise to high temperatures, means that the active ingredients are preserved and that they are not denatured. That is to say, the food does not suffer, does not industrialise excessively and continues in tune with nature.


The feed of LaraVital is healthier for your pet


On the other hand, you may feel disoriented as to what nutritional supplement your cat needs and its effects. The best thing is that you look for them to be natural too. The most common supplements can be those that provide beauty for the skin and hair, a boost for the immune system and prebiotics for the digestive system.


A healthy, handsome and beloved kitten

And when we have worked for the well-being of our friend, we can focus on making them handsome. And to spoil them! Do you have a bohemian kitten? Look at these boho style collars for cats, from a committed and special brand. And give him a healthy treat, we have to enjoy life!


The natural feed of LaraVital is the best for your cat


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