The benefits of vegetables in dogs

Can a dog’s diet be based on vegetables and fruits? The answer is yes: the nutritional needs of dogs can be fulfilled with vegetables that set a balanced diet. The health of dogs can be excellent if they are fed with vegetables, especially in dogs with allergies or intolerance to animal proteins (meat, fish and dairy). Basing their diet on vegetables can also be beneficial for gluten intolerant dogs.


Precautions if your dog has a vegetable diet

However, although the health of your dog can be very good, we must always ensure that there are no deficiencies of two very important amino acids: L-carnitine and taurine. We must supplement them so they do not lack in our dog, since their deficiency can cause dilated cardiomyopathy, a disease in which the heart is enlarged and many problems of functioning arise.


Benefits of natural fibre for dogs

Vegetables are one of the greatest sources of fibre we can find. As in humans, the fibre intake provided by vegetables and fruits improves intestinal microbiota, prevents constipation and produces satiety. That they feel satiated is very good for overweight dogs or for those who eat with great anxiety.


Give your dog natural feed from LaraVital


A vegetable feed as a complement to the BARF diet

The BARF diet is composed mainly of raw foods, such as meaty bones, lean meat, organ meats and fruits and vegetables. This is where a vegetarian dog food can help you, since it serves as a complement to the BARF diet. Natural-Extra Vegetable is like eating vegetables in pellets. It is the only natural feed of the market only based on vegetables and cold pressed. It will help you complete your dog’s BARF diet with ease.


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