In August heat is stifling… but not so much

Last week the intense heat gave us a break. Temperatures dropped slightly and the rain cooled the atmosphere in many cities of the Iberian Peninsula. This week the weather will be similar. Discover all the details in our weekly forecast.


In August heat is oppressive, we all know it. However, this week will begin with stable weather, but some low pressure areas are approaching the country that will arrive through the Atlantic Ocean area. As of Wednesday, some active clouds will arrive that will bring cooler fronts that will leave rainfall in the north of the peninsula. This will bring a significant drop in temperatures. In addition, towards the end of the week new low pressure areas could arrive in other areas of Spain. In this way, the rains will especially affect Galicia, the Cantabrian area, Navarra, Aragón and Catalonia, especially in the Pyrenees.


As for the maximum temperatures, they will be higher in the centre and the south of the peninsula, but they will not exceed 40ºC, as is usual in August. In the north the maximum temperatures will be around 25ºC, while on the Costa Blanca they will be about 30ºC. All this will change as of Wednesday, with a cooler air that will bring down the maximum temperatures throughout the territory. However, in Murcia the maximum temperature will be quite high, about 40ºC. Therefore, heat this August will give us a break. This week the temperatures will be pleasant, so it is a great time to do those outdoor activities that we like to do in summer.


Will it rain this week?


Watch out for heat

Although temperatures will be lower this week, it is advisable to continue taking precautions to protect us from heat. A good quality awning can help us maintain an optimal temperature at home, and it is also convenient to use outdoor furniture that does not deteriorate with the sun. In addition, we also have to adequately protect our pets, taking precautions to avoid heat strokes in dogs and keep our cats hydrated in summer.

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