Sun, clouds and more heat for the second fortnight of summer holidays in Spain

No one can deny that it is very hot in Spain. However, the last days the high temperatures have given us a little break. Today begins the second big “operación salida” of the summer holidays, but how is the weekly forecast going to be?


Today the day has dawned very calm with some morning mists. Clouds will grow in the northern half of the Iberian Peninsula and even some rains and storms are expected in some provinces, such as Teruel. Those who are vacationing in the Canary Islands will have some problems to see the sun today, since clouds will be intense and there is also yellow warning of dangerous coastal phenomena. Be very careful if you go to the beach.


A slight decrease in temperatures

The temperatures will remain stable with respect to the last days. The heat will continue to be intense in some areas such as Madrid, Toledo, Castilla-León, Córdoba and Jaén, reaching maximum temperatures between 36ºC and 38ºC. As usual, the heat will be more bearable in the north of the peninsula, where temperatures will be around 20ºC. On the other hand, on the Costa Blanca and in the Levante area the maximum temperatures will be around 30ºC, although the minimum temperatures will not fall below 20ºC, so warm nights are expected that could become a problem to sleep peacefully.


Will it be hot this week?


Protect yourself from the heat

The effects of high temperatures can be devastating in people and animals. From Spain Life Exclusive we have offered you some tips to protect yourself from the heat, such as staying well hydrated, wearing light clothes or choosing furniture that is resistant to inclement weather. Also, if you do not have air conditioning at home, a good advice is to lightly soak the curtains of your home when the heat is low and open the windows. The air currents will cool the environment! It is also very important that you use the best awnings and blinds in the warmer hours.


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