What is tinnitus?

What is that buzz you hear? That buzzing, humming or ringing noise can be soft or loud and can be heard in one or both ears. Tinnitus is a physical condition that manifests itself with noises or ringing in the ears when no such external physical noise exists. Today we speak to the experts at Proakustik to let us have all the details of this physical condition and how you can manage it.


Tinnitus means “tinkling or ringing like a bell”, which is exactly what those who suffer from this physical condition experience. No one else can hear it, but they listen to it all the time. This problem can become really annoying, causing difficulties to perform daily tasks, such as hearing, working or sleeping, causing stress and other serious health problems. There is no cure for tinnitus but, fortunately, this ringing in the ears can be managed.


What causes tinnitus?

Those sounds you hear when you have tinnitus come from your brain. Most people with tinnitus have some form of hearing loss, a condition that the brain overcompensates by creating its own background noise. This noise can come from problems with blood flow in the face or neck or muscle movements near the ear.


Some common causes of tinnitus are age, ear infections, sensory nerve disorders or simply earwax. Other causes are heart or vascular problems, thyroid, certain medications, hormonal changes in women and even brain tumours. However, the most common is to develop tinnitus by repeated exposure to excessively loud noise.


Does tinnitus have a cure?


How to stop the ringing in the ears

If you think you may have tinnitus, the first thing you have to do is go to Proakustik, who are an auditory specialist and can perform perform a professional evaluation. A hearing aid or a device can help you mitigate the effects of tinnitus.


A masking device is recommended if you have tinnitus in both ears. These small devices are similar to a hearing aid, but their function is to produce a pleasant, low-volume stream of white noise that covers up the internal noise. People find these devices especially useful for sleeping. There are also retraining devices, which work by retraining the brain’s responses, making them less noticeable, and can be used to perform everyday tasks. Finally, if the person suffers from tinnitus and also have hearing loss, a hearing aid may be helpful. These devices work by amplifying external sounds, which can cover up the tinnitus ringing.


On the other hand, experts also recommend using relaxing techniques to reduce stress and prevent worsening of this condition. Some activities that can help you are gentle and controlled exercise, relaxing music and Zen.


If you think you may have tinnitus, book today an appointment at Proakustik. They will help you choose the most appropriate hearing aid or device for you and will advise you. They don’t sell hearing aids, they sell hearing. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



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