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Hearing is one of the senses that we use the most every day. Through hearing we know what happens around us, we guide ourselves and communicate. It is also a very important sense to enjoyment or entertainment. If you have hearing problems, Proakustik can help you. Discover this fantastic company with us.


A few years ago, a popular Spanish music radio station launched a slogan that made thousands of teenagers reflect: “It would be terrible to live without music.” Those with a perfect hearing cannot imagine this tragedy. But what can you do if you are losing your hearing or if you have trouble hearing? Proakustik is a hearing aids shop in Denia where they perform free hearing tests, hearing profile analysis, individual guidance and molds.


Nicole Paulini and Christian Cleemann are the owners of Proakustik. They are members of the Quality Assosciation “Proakustik” in Germany and have great experience in the sector. Nicole is trained as a hearing-aid acoustician and achieved the master-degree in this trade in 1999. On the other hand, Christian is an electronic expert and has the title “state-certified-engineer in process-automation and energy technology”. Together they form a well-oiled team that decided to move their services to Denia about five years ago.


Nicole and Christian worked in the hearing-aids sector in Germany. About five years ago they went to Denia on holiday. They knew the Proakustik previous owner and he told them he wanted to retire. Nicole and Christian had fallen in love with the fantastic weather of the Costa Blanca and asked if he wanted them to continue the business, since they had a great experience of more than 20 years and they were prepared to work as self-employed. In this way, Proakustik Denia has been offering professional services to their clients for 15 years, now with Nicole and Christian management.


Improve your quality of life with the help of Proakustics


They don’t sell hearing aids, they sell hearing

Proakustik has two distinct parts. One thing is the device, but the other part is setting, adjustment, understanding the customer and taking your time. Because it takes time to adjust hearing aids appropriately to each person. A hearing aid is not something you simply take from the shelf ready to use, as you do with a mobile phone. The service provided by Christian and Nicole is much more complicated than that, because they have to help customers find what they need and encourage them, because it takes time. And that they do together with each client step by step.


This process can take even weeks and there are even some clients that need to take a break, because the situation can overwhelm and block them. To get a satisfying result it is better that they come back fresh and start over. That’s why they say they don’t sell hearing aids, they sell hearing. In Proakustik they offer a complete service: hearing aids, cleaning, maintenance, testing and much more. They do everything for you.


But what led them to start in this business? Christian and Nicole think that having a job that allows you to help people is wonderful. “It gives you a good feeling,” Christian says. Many people who start in this business do so because they are caring for an elderly person and see the daily difficulties they face. “Many people have really serious problems with hearing. They are very grateful when we help them, and that is our motivation: to help people in any way possible”, assures Christian.


Recover your hearing with hearing aids


In addition, they help clients of all nationalities. Of course, they have Spanish clients, but they also have German, English, Swiss or Dutch customers, among many others. It is very interesting for Christian and Nicole to work with international people. The Costa Blanca allows them to do that. “Also, weather is much more enjoyable here. In Spain we can do many outdoor activities, such as cycling, kitesurfing, open-sea swimming, an such”. They love Germany, but here they can enjoy nature much more.


Supporters of cultural life in Denia

Nicole and Christian support cultural life in Denia and therefore sell tickets for concerts and other cultural events in their store. For example, last January they collaborated with the concert of the Philharmonic Orchestra in Denia. They also help the Botanical Garden “l’Albarda” in La Sella to raise money with a non-profit organisation and they work together with Konzertfreunde and the organist Vicente Giner.


If you have hearing problems book your free hearing test appointment at Proakustik as soon as possible. You can enjoy a better quality of life thanks to their help and professional services. For more information please visit their website and find them on social media.



Proakustik Denia

Avenida Joan Fuster, 28C, Denia (Alicante)

Phone: +34 965 782 548


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