Veranillo de San Miguel: October starts with summer weather

The last week of September has ended with rains in some areas of the peninsula, but warm temperatures more typical of summer. The “Veranillo de San Miguel” has brought us an anticyclone and pleasant weather that will stay with us all week.


This week the weather in Spain will continue to be warm. On Monday the maximum temperatures will be around 30ºC, being slightly lower in Galicia, Asturias and Cantabria. Those who are on the Costa Blanca can enjoy very summery temperatures and even take a swim in the sea, taking advantage of the “Veranillo de San Miguel”. However, on Tuesday there will be a slight decrease in temperatures from the northwest that will refresh the environment. For example, in Bilbao the maximum temperatures between Monday and Tuesday will drop 5ºC, although in other provinces, such as Valencia and Murcia, the temperature will rise slightly.


On the other hand, a low-pressure area is approaching Europe from the west, but it will only affect the Iberian Peninsula between Tuesday and Wednesday with some possible rains in northern areas. In the rest of Spain is expected a beginning of October with sunny and dry weather. This week we can still enjoy a spring-like autumn, ideal for outdoor activities, such as the equestrian and flamenco show at the Viva España restaurant this Sunday.


Will it rain this week?


What is the “Veranillo de San Miguel”?

In Spanish popular culture it is known as “Veranillo de San Miguel” or “Veranillo del membrillo” (something like the Indian Summer) an annual atmospheric phenomenon that occurs between the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. For a few days the temperature rises above that of the previous days and then gradually decreases again.


This phenomenon is called like that since on September 29 the patron saint of San Miguel is celebrated in Spain. Thus, during some days the warm temperatures of the summer return, and many take advantage of these dates to go on holiday or enjoy a few days of the fantastic Spanish beaches, especially those of the Costa Blanca. What are you going to do during the “Veranillo de San Miguel” this year? Tell us on our social media!

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