The sun shines again, but soon the storms will return

This weekend has been a pleasant weather throughout the Iberian Peninsula. The sunny skies and the spring temperatures have allowed us to enjoy the outdoors after many cloudy days and rain. This week begins with a radiant sun, but it will not last long. The storms return to the country this week.


The anticyclone that arrived in the country last week has stabilised the weather this weekend, leaving Easter’s storms behind. However, April ends and May arrives with more rain. On Monday it will start to rain in the north of the peninsula and also in some places in the Mediterranean area, where there will be high levels of humidity and cloud concentrations. Temperatures will rise slightly and will be mild, reaching above 30ºC in some provinces such as Seville. But overall the climate will remain moderately pleasant despite the rains. In the Canary Islands the weather will be especially mild, although the skies will be cloudy for most of the week.


This week it will rain again in Spain


From Wednesday there will be storms and cloudy skies

On Tuesday will begin to appear storms in some areas of Catalonia, Valencia and Murcia. On Wednesday the storms will reach the interior of the Iberian Peninsula and will especially rage in Madrid, Extremadura, Castilla-La Mancha, northern Andalusia and the north of the country. Towards Thursday a low-pressure area will approach the south of the country, which could bring a more unstable weather for the second part of the long weekend of May in those provinces where it is celebrated.


Either way, the weather is still unstable throughout the country and a month of May is expected with lots of rain. Although today we see a radiant sun, it is still early to put away our winter clothes. This year the beaches will have to wait a little longer, it can’t be helped.


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