Rehabilitation after an amputation in Medifit Reha

Losing a limb is an extremely hard and painful experience. Our body has to go through a series of adaptations to learn to live in totally new and more difficult conditions. Medifit Reha offers a rehabilitation program for a person who has undergone an amputation to learn to make the most of their options so they can enjoy an optimal quality of life.


It is a recurring nightmare for many people. Sometimes, after an accident or an illness it is necessary to amputate a limb of the body. But that does not mean that the life of that person is over. To get used to these new conditions of life it is very important to undergo a physical rehabilitation program. Medifit Reha experts point out that one of the most important things a person should learn during this treatment is to deal with a prosthesis. For this it is necessary to do many exercises, practising movements necessary to carry out the general daily activities, such as transportation, cleaning or work. Throughout this process the patient will be accompanied by different Medifit Reha therapists who will help them in each step.


Many people ask if in this type of case it is necessary the admission in the centre. Most of the patients after an amputation are clinical patients (in patients) who are admitted for a certain time and then the Medifit Reha team rehabilitates the patient so that they can go home as soon as possible. After that, the person goes to the facilities of Medifit Reha several times a week or a month as a polyclinic patient (out patient). But if the patient needs continuous care or cannot live temporarily at home, the doctor in charge of that rehabilitation will decide if the patient’s admission is necessary and for how long. Recently, the Medifit Reha clinic has been incorporated into a Teulada residence and has eight apartments and 28 rooms for individual use to accommodate its patients.

In Medifit Reha can help you with your physical rehabilitation


Rehabilitation after a leg amputation

When a person loses a leg the Medifit Reha treatment begins with an admission interview with the rehabilitation doctor and an expert physiotherapist. Once the case is examined, a rehabilitation plan is made that start with the care of the wounds resulting from the amputation. The most important thing in this step is to reduce the humidity of the stump and start working on the physical condition of the patient.


From here the treatment continues with one of the hardest processes: standing up. To be able to use a prosthesis, the patient must start by standing up and walking without a prosthesis, but with the aids required. If the person is strong and the stump is healed, they can use a practice prosthesis. Then the Medifit Reha experts team up with the manufacturer of the prosthesis to decide which is the most suitable for the patient. At this point they must wait, since the manufacture of the instrument requires several weeks. When the patient receives the prosthesis they will have to perform a standing training to be able to adjust it regularly.


Medifit Reha is a rehabilitation centre on the Costa Blanca


After this treatment the patient will be more independent, either with or without aids and prosthesis. Likewise, Medifit Reha also provides occupational therapy to help its patients with their home situation. Its team can help them get everything they need, such as a wheelchair, crutches, rollators… In addition, acceptance is also essential in recovery after an amputation. For this the patient has psychologists and psychotherapists to help him process the situation. The duration of treatment varies according to each person and their characteristics. The objective is for the patient to be as independent as possible at the end of the treatment so that he can lead a good life.


Medifit Reha is an international centre of the Costa Blanca specialised in rehabilitation. Its team of qualified professionals, its personalised attention and its high-quality services will help you improve your quality of life. Request your appointment today by calling the telephone number +34 966 495 448 or sending an email to For more information visit their website: Medifit Reha has two facilities in the Costa Blanca: Teulada (carretera Moraira-Benitachel, 22) and Benidorm (avenida Alfonso Puchades, 8).


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