La Falua restaurant: The exception that proves the rule

Benidorm is not the first place that comes to mind when thinking about fine dining, but La Falua and her Chef Maria Theresa Karrasko is the exception that proves the rule.

La Falua restaurant a world in new tastes and feelings

Since 2007, this restaurant is consistently getting rave reviews from customers that come back to experience innovative and fashionable culinary creations and also traditional dishes of Spanish cuisine.

No matter if what you order is meat, fish, seafood or rice, La Falua restaurant is the place we recommended if you want an upmarket meal in Benidorm.

You can order a la carte or try their tasting menus at a very reasonable price, either way, you won’t be disappointed.

And the best of all, the restaurant administration regularly improves service and expands the card of the menu aspiring to meet the demands of the most refined connoisseurs and esthetes. So it is worth coming back to discover what is new on their modern with a touch of the traditional menu.


A great culinary experience at La Falua.

The ambience and the decor are second to none and it’s spotlessly clean good service and the food is excellent.

If you know your wines,  here you can find a great wine selection from the Alicante region. They have an open cellar so  you can even take some home and enjoy a relaxing glass of wine of some of the finest wines of the area. 

The Falua has a bar above the restaurant where you can have a few drinks in after your meal and you could also pay the entire bill up there if you wanted to.

The ambience is second to none at La Falua.

In the conclusion, if you are in Benidorm and you want something above average La Falua restaurant is the place will satisfy you culinary needs. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.


La Falúa restaurant

Calle Santander, 22, Benidorm – 03502 (Benidorm)

Phones: +34 965 853 105 and +34 609 142 821


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