Immo Styling: Make the most of that house

We have all seen those reality shows on television in which there is a horrible house and suddenly an expert arrives and with some simple arrangements he or she manages to transform the building into a real wonder. That is a part of the work that John and Jorunn do in @mósfera. They have the ability to transform the atmosphere of a simple house into the spaces of an extraordinary home.


John is an interior designer who works side by side with his wife, Jorunn, an expert interior decorator. Both form an extremely professional team. While John prepares the spaces to suit each one of their clients, Jorunn gives them that special touch that imprints personality, care and style. From @mósfera they take care of everything. Measurements, designs, drawings… Everything is consulted with the client, adapting to their tastes and needs. Reforming a room, bathroom, kitchen or even a whole house with good taste has never been so simple.


In addition, John offers an exclusive service: Would you like to buy a house to reform it, but do not know if you will like the final result? Then you have to hire the services of @mósfera. They will study the building and offer solutions with 3D images so you can get an extremely realistic idea of ​​what the property would look like in the future. In this way, thanks to this company you will know in advance all the possibilities offered by a house and if it is worth buying it so you can avoid future disappointments and problems.


In addition to these services, John and Jorunn also offer colour advice. For those who find it difficult to make choices with regard to furniture or accessories or simply do not have the time to go to all furniture stores in the weekend, from @mósfera they set off after a complete interview. You can find various formulas and detailed information regarding their method on their website.


With the help of @mósfera you can decorate the house with style and good taste


But what is immo styling?

It often happens that real estate agencies offer properties that they are not able to sell and nobody understands why. What can be done with them? A highly recommended option is to request the services of @mósfera. They will visit the properties and make recommendations to the real estate agencies about the changes that can be made to make the house look better. Many times simple things and details are what matter, like a touch of paint, decorative material or add a piece of furniture.


This is how John Jansoone recently started a service as a real estate stylist, a profession that became known to the general public through programs such as The House Doctor. Real estate styling or immo styling is a marketing technique in which the real estate stylist with a relatively low budget prepares a home for sale before offering it on the real estate market. But what can a real estate stylist do for people who want to sell their house? Potential buyers know within 60 seconds whether they have a click with the house or not. The first impression is therefore very important. Whether it is when entering a house or when seeing a photo, they must immediately fall in love at the house and see how they will live there with their own furniture and style.


Real estate agencies can contract the services of @mósfera to sell more easily a house


Often the house has an ideal location for the buyer, there are enough rooms and the price is feasible, but once they come in, they snap off because of the personal taste and design of the owner. It is up to @mósfera to ensure that that house becomes attractive to the general public so that it can be sold faster and at the correct price. This can be done by storing or packing excess items for moving, giving furniture a different set-up, choosing the right accessories or advising a fresh colour for the walls so the light that is present in the property comes into its own. If real estate agencies follow the advice of John and Jorunn and then take new photographs it will be much easier to sell that property.


A small investment can therefore generate money

The perfect scenario is that the advice can already be given before the property comes on the market. That way the sellers will have all the assets in their hands. If it has been on sale for a while then a first price drop of 5 to 10% can be avoided by carrying out a real estate styling, which is much cheaper. John compares this service with the sale of a private car. “When you sell your car you also make it as beautiful as possible. You wash it and you try to make it clean on the inside”. That’s immo styling. It’s similar, but on a large scale. And that’s how magnificent is the work they do in @mósfera.


If you want to sell a house and you will like to make it attractive to potential buyers, you will find the @mósfera offices in Carretera Moraira a Calpe, 308, in Moraira (Alicante). If you want to make a prior consultation or get information about a possible collaboration as a real estate agency, John and Jorunn will gladly assist you through the phone number +34 672 737 232 and email For more information, please visit their website.

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