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What is so special about turning a house into a home? It is difficult to explain it with words. However, Jorunn and John, the owners of @mósfera, are experts in giving that special atmosphere to spaces, which cease to be dull rooms and become environments with a life of their own.


John is an interior designer who is really passionate about his work. He makes all kinds of renovations and designs reconstructions of houses. Back in Belgium, he had a successful business. However after 25 years he unfortunately developed a health scare and decided to enjoy a more tranquil and less stressful existence, so he and his wife moved to the sunny Costa Blanca. A lower pressure and a calmer environment allowed him to continue working on what he likes to do most: interior design. And he does it with great style and with a quality on every project.


@mosfera Interior Design Spain


The offices of @mósfera are in Moraira (Alicante). However, most of its clients are not Spanish, but they come from Germany, Belgium and the United Kingdom, among other countries. Many of them own a property in Spain and go to John to reform it. Some customers ask him to renovate the entire house, while others just want to renovate some parts, such as the kitchen, the bedroom, the living room or the bathroom. In addition John also handles the design of complete reconstructions.


John works hand in hand with his wife, Jorunn. She is an interior decorator. When John finishes his work, Jorunn’s mission begins. She is in charge of looking for the small details that really turn a house into a home. Thus, she provides the defining touch by selecting the most appropriate range of colors, the curtains, the prints, the placement of every picture… and the position of each of the elements that elevate a simple room to a nice, beautiful and cozy place.



John And Jorunn @mosfera Designers Spain


In @mósfera they take care of the whole process: designs, drawings, measurements, different perspectives and virtual pictures to a finalised project. His work is based on a professional approach, functionality, comfort and aesthetics that lift the interiors to a higher standard, designing the most suitable space for the taste and needs of each client. If you are interested in hiring their exclusive services, John and Jorunn will be happy to assist you in Dutch, French and English, and they even speak a little Spanish and understand German.


But what makes @mósfera different from other interior design companies is that people who want to acquire a property on the Costa Blanca can request John to redesign the house before the client buys it. In this way, from @mósfera they make a design of the property, showing what that house could become. Through the drawings of John and virtual pictures a complete new renovation is presented. This will help the client to decide if they should buy that villa. This service is really exclusive, as John is the only designer that makes 3D presentations proposals before abyone buys the houses. In that way, they can renovate it like they wish to. When you purchase a house it is not always possible to carry out the renovations you want as there may be some problems. Thanks to the exclusive service of @mósfera this will not be an issue for you, since you will know in advance the possibilities offered by a house.


@mosfera Interior Design Spain


In order to carry out all procedures, once the customer contacts @mósfera, an appointment is made for the client to go through the office or for John and Jorunn to visit the property to be renewed. But their exclusive services go further. From @mósfera they also help the clients with the right papers that have to be managed in the town hall. For example, if the person still does not have an NIE (foreigner identity number) because they have just arrived in Spain, they help him to start and carry out the necessary bureaucracy.


@mosfera Interior Design Spain


And what about the style of @mósfera’s works? Each designer has their own style. John likes modern designs above all. However, he adapts to the tastes and preferences of each customer. Sometimes people prefer a vintage atmosphere in their dining room, a bedroom set in the 70s or an ultramodern kitchen. From @mósfera, John and Jorunn can take charge of all this always with elegance, refinement and a really good taste.


Also, @mósfera is preparing exciting news. In about six months they will surprise us with a dazzling showroom and a villa. There they will present works done and samples that will inspire the clients. From the showroom they will show it in the style of how the customers might wish to buy or purchase, so visitors can go and see a range of design ideas for bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms… When the villa and showroom is completed then John will also have a further office here, so clients can come and visit them on the premises which will then show all of the possibilities of what they can achieve.


@mosfera Interior Design Spain


Do you want to know what a house with an appropriate design would be like? Or maybe you prefer to reform your kitchen, your bathroom or your bedroom with professional help an a refined style. Do not wait any longer, contact John and Jorunn right now.


You will find the offices of @mósfera at: 308 Moraira to Calpe Road, in Moraira (Alicante). In addition, you can contact them by the phone number +34 672 737 232, the email or by filling the contact form on their website (


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