Christmas begins cold with heavy rains and intense wind

The “Puente de la Constitución” or Spanish Constitution long weekend traditionally marks the beginning of Christmas in Spain. After this long weekend, the weather will remain cold and unstable, with lots of rain and strong gusts of wind.


Autumn is nearly over. Although it began as a very summer season, it has ended up being an almost winter season. The final stretch of autumn will remain cold and the weather will be unstable again these last days. It seems that this Christmas will be cold this year. Maybe we have a White Christmas?


For this week there will be heavy rains throughout the week, as well as snow and strong gust of wind with humidity that will exceed 100 km/h in some areas of the north and east of the Iberian Peninsula. The strong winds will start in northern Spain, but on Saturday the wind gusts will be especially powerful in the east, affecting mainly Catalonia, the Valencia Community, Murcia and eastern Andalusia.


Will it rain this week?


From Wednesday a new low-pressure area will enter through the northwest, which will bring strong and very cold wind. Because of this, rain accumulations will be especially important in the northern zone, even reaching 100 litres.


Temperatures drop even more this week

Last Sunday we could already feel a general drop in temperatures. This week temperatures will remain cool with frost in some areas. On this matter, temperatures will continue to drop on Tuesday. For example, in the province León the maximum temperature will be 7ºC, while the minimum will be -4ºC, entering fully in a hard winter day. Christmas starts cold this year!


Greta Thunberg in Madrid

The Swedish activist arrived in Madrid las Friday among a great media hype to participate in several events, such as a Climate March, a press conference at the Casa Encendida and intervene at the Climate Change Summit (COP25). In her first participation in the meetup, Greta Thunberg has warned that the weather emergency “is not a future problem, it is something that is already affecting us.”



In addition, she also spoke by the indigenous people and has said that people are already suffering from the inclement weather and that we cannot wait any longer to act. Will COP25 be our opportunity to start curbing the climate crisis?

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