Bruno Ruiz – Not your ordinary Michelin starred chef in Dénia

One of our favourites here at Spain Life Exclusive, Bruno Ruiz, is a chef with a very unique style! Bruno just doesn’t conform to any norms, he is a pure professional, creating his cuisine from locally sourced products, where possible, and injecting his passion for food into everything he does including his own restaurant experience, Aticcook.



What is different about Bruno Ruiz?


Bruno is a young, talented, Michelin starred chef who definitely does not get the credit he deserves. He is truly unique in his industry in that he makes his customers feel like they’re dinner guests at his home, chatting to them while he cooks and creates his masterpieces.


A supremely talented chef, Bruno is different because he provides a service that his customers rave about, it’s not often you get to witness genius in action! Most chefs hide away in the kitchen but Bruno loves to chat with guests as if they were old friends, it really does make you feel special, like you’ve been invited to a private dining experience.


Bruno studied his craft in Dénia, working in the Cellar de Can Roca which shaped him as a chef and encouraged him to travel to broaden his culinary horizons. He worked and studied in San Sebastian for a time and was a student of Martín Berasategui and Pedro Subijana from whom he learned so much about the techniques he uses today.

Bruno Ruiz


What is different about Aticcook?


Is this the best restaurant in Dénia? To start with, Aticcook is in the actual attic of designer Pepe Cabrera’s showrooms in Dénia, Pepe specialises in architecture and home design so as you could imagine the restaurant surroundings are absolutely spectacular. Bruno Ruiz takes inspiration from this wonderful atmosphere and uses that inspiration to create amazing dishes in front of his customers. “Aticcook is more than just a restaurant, it’s a gastronomic experience” there is no separation between the kitchen and the dining area, dinner guests get to see every process and technique up close and personally.


This rather alternative way of doing things really does make for a very special experience indeed. Diners can talk to Bruno whilst he is cooking, ask him questions and most of all get to see this great man at work. If you are a true foodie and you get the chance to experience this, go for it, you will not regret it. Bruno loves to talk through what he is doing with his guests and takes great pride in talking about his food and his cooking.

Bruno Ruiz


Let’s not forget the food!


Where do we even start about the food? Bruno uses wonderfully fresh locally sourced products where he can, but he also uses the best of the best of ingredients from other parts of the world. With a combination of tradition, technique and innovation, Bruno’s dishes are like nothing you’ve ever eaten before and his tasting menu is a delight for all of your senses.


Every Bruno Ruiz mouthful is exciting, different and most of all absolutely delicious.

Bruno Ruiz


The whole Bruno Ruiz experience


Looking for restaurants in Dénia? Look no further, this is something you really should enjoy at least once in your lifetime, or maybe even weekly if you’re lucky enough to live nearby. The amazing surroundings of Pepe Cabrera’s showrooms, combined with the divinely stylish restaurant and the cool and tranquil terrace is a recipe for a day you will never forget. 


Make sure you book your place well in advance of the dates you want to go, this is a small, exclusive restaurant and places book fast! You can make your reservations in the following ways:


Pop in to Cami De la Bota, 13, 3700 Dénia (Alacant)


Phone: +34 678 30 43 87

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