Vicente Gracia Joya, Valencia: Why rings are still popular after 6,000 years!

The ring is a small ornament with a big history and an even bigger cultural meaning. Jewellery historians agree that rings have been part of human history for around 6,000 years. These small structures have been used to symbolise love and fidelity, ward off evil spirits, remember loved ones in Spirit and pledge friendship. They have also been used to signify power and influences and seal agreements, large and small. So many cultural meanings for such a small item of jewellery!


Vicente Gracia Joyas of Valencia has an extensive collection of rings, made from all materials, for all occasions. They can be personalised with engravings, for yourself or for a loved one, to commemorate a special occasion. And if you don’t see what you want, they will design a custom piece, just for you. Just give them some initial ideas, and a budget, and they will design and create your perfect vision as a lasting memory of a particular moment in time.


Rings in history:


Vicente Gracia

When most of us think of rings, our first thought is often wedding and engagement rings. This concept originated in Roman times, when the betrothal ring was worn on the left hand, as it was believed the ‘vena amoris’ vein located in the third finger led directly to the heart. Wedding rings often featured clasped right hands as a sign of fidelity, or a knot motif, to symbolise the joining of two people. It’s believed this is the origin of the expression ‘tying the knot’ in reference to weddings.


The Romans were also big users of signet rings, both for sealing documents and demonstrating their wealth and importance. This is an older concept from Greek and Egyptian times, and for the Egyptians, rings served the dual purpose of a religious amulet and signet ring. To them, the ring was more functional than decorative, although they did insist on beautiful settings and arrangements.


In the Middle Ages, rings were the most common items of jewellery, with people wearing them on each finger, and the thumb too. They would also be worn on chains around the neck, and they were so popular that laws were brought in to ensure that only the wealthiest nobles and aristocrats wore the finest rings. Similar laws applied to materials too. Thankfully, those days are long gone, and we can now wear any ring we want, provided it’s within our price range.


Vicente GraciaVicente Gracia’s rings are often bold statement pieces, but the first thing you notice about them is their sheer beauty, and the clever way different materials are used together. As with all his jewellery, he takes his inspiration from the cultural melting pot of Valencia and the shores of the Mediterranean, so there are jewels that evoke the spirit of the area, set in colourful and unusual arrangements. They are stand-out pieces which tell a different story each time you look at them, because there is so much happening in the small area of the ring’s setting.


These rings are meant to catch the eye, and they do, with their bright colours, bold arrangements and accents of the Arabian Nights. Check out their online store for inspiration – and maybe to drop a subtle hint to someone close, since Christmas is on the horizon!


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