Tourist guide of Ayllón, the medieval town of art and history

Ayllón is an extraordinary beautiful medieval Castilian village that will make you fall in love at first sight. It is located on the border between Soria and Segovia, very close to Guadalajara and Burgos and has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. Today we invite you to discover it with us.


Ayllón is a medieval town Historical and is part of the national historical-artistic group since 1973. Tradition, art, culture and history are present in each of its rustic stone streets. The charm and romanticism pervade all its territory, concentrating on a beautiful central square crowned with a modest fountain and surrounded by picturesque facades and charming arcades that maintain their historical aspect. The first inhabitants of Ayllón that gathers the history are the Celtiberians, although later arrived the Goths, the Visigoths and the Muslims. Each people left their mark in a medieval village built with stone and wood that invites you to stroll through its streets while you delight yourself with the aroma of nature and burned firewood. Our tourist guide takes us today to explore the intricate and beautiful medieval alleys of Ayllón. Are you coming with us?


Romanticism is present in Ayllón
Museum of Contemporary Art in the palace of Bishop Vellosillo. /Almudena Galán


How to get to Ayllón

Ayllón is located about 140 kilometres from Madrid. It can be reached in less than two hours by car on the N-I and then taking the detour to the N-110. It is the fastest way to get there, although you can also go in a short time from Burgos, Madrid, Guadalajara or Valladolid. It is advisable to go by car, because Ayllón can be seen in a short time and its mountainous surroundings enjoy an exuberant nature that is worth visiting. However, you also have the option of taking a bus from Segovia, but Ayllón does not have a train station.


Where to stay

Ayllón is a small town and has few rural houses and other lodgings, so if you want to sleep here you will have to book well in advance. However, in the surroundings of Ayllón you can find several tourist apartments, pensions and hotels, almost all of rural style. In the town square is the elegant Ayllón Hotel, with four stars. You can also sleep in the rural hotel El Adarve, in the Avenida pension, in the rural inn El Convento de Ayllón or in one of its tourist apartments and rural houses.


Ayllón is a perfect town to visit in a day
City hall of Ayllón. /Almudena Galán


The best restaurants

In Ayllón the winters are hard and for years its inhabitants lived in the countryside, which is why they have the tradition of preparing satiating meals. Ayllón’s typical dishes are made from meat from livestock, especially sheep and pork. The lamb roasted in a wood oven is one of its most traditional dishes, as well as suckling pig and sweets, especially mantecados, chicharrones cake (crackling) or muffins.


Most of Ayllón’s restaurants specialise in traditional Castilian cuisine and meats. The El Parral restaurant (Calle El Parral, 25) is one of the best places to taste suckling pig and lamb, as well as the Rincón de la Plaza restaurant (Plaza Mayor, 26). The El Patio restaurant (Plaza Mayor, 21) offers a nice and pleasant atmosphere where you can taste traditional recipes of the Castilian grandmothers, preparing their dishes with seasonal products from the area. El Mirador del Botero restaurant (Calle San Juan, 21) is more stylish. It has a leafy garden with views of the Sierra de Ayllón and is notable for its wood-fired oven and its barbecues. On the other hand, La Tenada del Chispano restaurant (Calle San Juan, 19) offers traditional dishes with creative touches.


Enjoy the best Castilian corners in Ayllón
/Almudena Galán


Popular festivities of Ayllón

Without a doubt one of the most famous festivals of Ayllón is its interesting medieval fair. Ayllón Medieval is held the last weekend of July and many activities are proposed, such as falconry shows, storytelling, street theatre, Celtic music concerts and dinners for nobles and commoners, among many others. This event is organized by the Friends of the Medieval Association in Ayllón and has the attraction of celebrating in a medieval city that is decorated for the occasion. It is worth visiting, it is a unique experience!


The medieval town of Ayllón is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain
Aguisejo River, in Ayllón. /Almudena Galán


The traditional festivities are celebrated in honour of San Miguel on September 29 and also on May 15 there is a party in honour of San Isidro in all the surrounding towns. In addition, during the night of Lardero Thursday grills and bonfires are prepared on the hill to eat chorizo (something like a traditional spicy pork sausage) ​​and drink wine before the arrival of Ash Wednesday. Another very beautiful celebration is the one dedicated to the Eternal Father, a pilgrimage that is celebrated 59 days after Holy Thursday to pray a good harvest. This celebration is held again in September in the prairie of the hermitage of the Eternal Father, in the town of Estebanvela to thank the harvested crops.


Cultural tourist attractions

Ayllón is a small town, but there are many civil buildings, palaces, museums and churches. A simple walk through the cobblestone streets of the city will take your heart forever. At the entrance of Ayllón you can visit the beautiful walk full of vegetation that surrounds the Aguisejo River. It is a good place to park if you go by car. Beyond the river is the medieval arch that marks the entrance to the historic centre. This is the only door that remains of the old medieval wall and above it you can see the coats of arms of the Marquis of Villena.


Medieval arch. /Almudena Galán


Beyond the arch is the Contreras Palace, which was declared a historical-artistic monument in 1969. Its impressive facade is a preview of what can be found inside: antique furniture and amazing perfectly preserved coffered ceilings. If we continue our stroll we will reach the magnificent Plaza Mayor of Ayllón. This square is one of the most beautiful in Spain and is full of life during the summer. This square is surrounded by historic style arcades and on one side there is a four-spout fountain that is almost 130 years old. From here you can see the hill and the tower La Martina. At the back of the square is the Romanesque church of San Miguel, dating from the 12th century, and a little further on is the church of Santa María la Mayor, an austere building with a peculiar charm.


You will love Ayllón forever
Contreras Palace. /Almudena Galán


On the other hand, in Estebanvela there is the mentioned hermitage of the Eternal Father, surrounded by meadows and nature. But in Ayllón there is also room for modern art, since it has the Museum of Contemporary Art in the palace of Bishop Vellosillo. And if you are passionate about history, in Ayllón you can see remains of an old Arab wall, some old cellars in caves excavated in rock and the ruins of the church of San Juan Evangelista, also from the 12th century. Anyway, a walk through Ayllón will forever make you fall in love with this extraordinary medieval town.

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