Tips to looking after your dog’s health in spring

In spring our mentality changes: we go back to outdoor activities, the days are longer, we start to spend more hours away from home. Spring brings us different ways of taking care of our health, which involves humans and dog members of the family. In this post LaraVital gives you the keys to take care of dogs in spring.


Protection against ticks

Spring brings with it the proliferation of parasites. The simple fact of spending more time on the street exposes dogs much more to them. If left unchecked, ticks can cause dermatitis and even anemia. The best prevention is that our companion reaches spring already protected and prepared: there are specific food supplements that ensure that the skin of our dog is a hostile environment for parasites. Beware: there are products on the market that are aggressive and can cause allergies in sensitive dogs. Look for good advice before choosing.


Care for the dog’s skin in spring

Spring is also the time to shed the hair. You will notice it because you will see hairballs everywhere. So that hair loss is not so spectacular, it is best to keep the skin and hair healthy throughout the year in a process that goes from the inside of the body to the outside, providing all the specific nutrients and giving exceptional help just in spring time. The skin is the first barrier of protection against any external aggression, hence the importance of maintaining this barrier in perfect condition. Brushing can also help to gently remove the hair that is about to fall.


Allergies in dogs

Also puppies suffer allergies that are accentuated with the spring. What can you do to avoid them? The most basic —and of common sense— is to decrease the exposure to the allergen. For example, if we know that pollen is what causes your dog to suffer reactions, it is better to go for walks and hikes in areas with less plants or flowers. Especially if the animal is going to perform intense exercise, because the reaction can be even stronger.



After the walk we must remove the pollen from the puppy’s body. The best thing to do is a bath with soft products, paying special attention to the legs and pads. Allergy symptoms can be very varied: itching, peeling, hair loss, sneezing, vomiting or diarrhea, for example. No one better than a veterinarian will determine what type of allergy is and how to treat it.


The truth is that in recent years there are more and more allergic dogs. And spring is not the only one responsible: the other great cause is food. Ultra-processed foods, chemical additives and the denaturation of food in general are the cause of the increase in allergies and intolerances. These puppies require a change in their eating habits, they need to move from industrial feed to a more natural diet. Sometimes this change of food goes beyond and not only improves their symptoms, but also changes their lives.


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