The past and… the future of Abaco Hotel in Altea

Undoubtedly hotels are integral parts of our vacations, of our total experience and, consequently, of our memories. Therefore, we feel very attached to them and we want to know as much as possible about them. The history behind the walls, the goals of the owners or any small detail that will optimize our experience or bring us again to the best holidays we have ever had. In today’s article, we have managed to learn some fascinating details about the iconic ABACO HOTEL based in the lovely old town of Altea.

A story that not many people know

In reality, Abaco Hotel’s story is Adelina’s and Thomas’s personal life story. After eight years at the control of previous owners, Tony and Linda, Hotel Abaco is currently managed by Adelina and Thomas. A dynamic couple who make the whole project a real experience and are dedicated to this daily. Both of them are very versatile in their areas of expertise and have based their principles on three specific factors: Quality, Attention to detail and Customer Satisfaction.


Adelina´s and Thomas’s story

Adelina and Thomas met in the prestigious university “Le Roches” in Switzerland and they decided to embark on the adventures by sharing their passion for luxury hotels. Since then they have worked through the world in upper-level destinations such as the USA-EUROPE-UAE and the Seychelles.



After 10 years of experience in various countries and valuable interaction with different cultures, Thomas & Adelina decided to settle down to make their dream come true. They had chosen a new destination and had considered managing and refurbishing Thomas’s parents six bedroom bed & breakfast. This was the crucial moment that they realized that they could dedicate themselves together in the future. After a solid business effort, they got the business back on track and assisted in the sale of the hotel so they could move on to a new project somewhere else.



Finally, despite their attraction to a future world exploration, Altea purely captivated them and made them feel pretty soon that the Abaco hotel was the venue they needed to grow, to attract new visitors, to experience what they personally had experienced and show how Altea has managed to connect with them. A bridge, to happiness, comfort, relaxation, enjoyment, quality of life, emotions, feelings and experiences.


The history of Abaco Hotel

Hotel Abaco’s beautiful location and history was the key factor that made Adelina & Thomas to be deeply committed to this project. They also held strong on the story of the hotel’s origin respecting the legacy of its founders, where the name Abaco came from, the building itself and the story behind the themes of the rooms.


After four years they added four also themed extra rooms, telling their “personal story”. Adelina & Thomas marked a slight turning point of Abaco’s history with the new themed rooms and with the inclusion of a Rooftop. After this move forward they started to develop  things continuously offering high quality services to their clients.

The future…

Committed to their principals and the original idea, Adelina & Thomas recently have made a further investment to their big project. Their idea is to increase the number of rooms, outdoor and indoor, common areas and add a larger breakfast room. Also, there will be a space for a pure wellness area to upscale their services.

The materials used will be showcasing the vintage rustic of the former Abaco Hotel with the rustic modern of today. The rooms, as their name reveal, will be slightly themed honouring the smells, the colours and curiosities that make Altea so special and magical.



Níspero as Yellow                                                                                                                                       Azahar as Orange


Azul as Blue Altea                                                                                                                                       Almendro as Pale Rose



 Buganvillas as Fuxia Pink                                                                                                                    Olivo as Green Olive


Jazmín as White                                                                                                                                         La Flor de Altea as  Purple


Hurry up, Book one of the eight new themed rooms now!

Abaco Hotel will be a clear example of growth, expansion and dreams expressed through materials, colours, smells and emotions. The new themed rooms will be ready at the end of March so you have to hurry up to book your Easter vacations and experience one more time the high quality of Abaco hotel!!



Ábaco hotel

Calle Salva, 13, Altea (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 882 500



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