Spain’s Coronavirus lockdown: how does it affect your business?

Following the official lockdown declared by the Spanish Government, it is clear that the same as the global economy, the regional economy will be severely affected by the Coronavirus.


The government strict measures to tackle the spread of the virus means that, for the next 15 days, we will have to stay indoors. We were glued to the TV to hear, Pedro Sanchez’ press conference to find out about his set of measures to minimize the impact of the quarantine on the economy.  These promising set of actions will help ease the blow to the businessmen and woman of this country under unprecedented circumstances. 

Spain is working with Europe to find the best way to handle this crisis without losing an already fragile economy. But one thing we know is that the people living and working in this country are resilient. We asked Rob Park from Jacaranda about his view on the current situation. “We have had setbacks before, economic crisis 2008/2009 and we recovered. We have had Brexit and we are recovering from this and now we have Coronavirus and we will recover learning new things about our lives and that of others. It affects us all and we just have to sit tight and be ready to start again. Our sellers cannot allow viewings from our overseas buyers until the issues of Covid 19 is sorted. It is out of our control. I think Spain are handling the situation very well and have addressed the situation quickly. By enforcing rules it will help us solve the problem quicker.” And regarding the Government’s measures to help businesses, he added. “Any kind of support will be gratefully received”. 

In general, we can say that most of the businesses in the Costa Blanca are waiting to see how the new Royal Decree on ERTE and other measures will help them through this difficult time. 

We are hoping the Government delivers all the promised packages for self-employed, small and medium-size business and workforce as a whole.  As Pedro Sanchez announced, these are only temporary measures but we ask, will these measures of economic contention last until the end of the crisis? We will have to wait and see. 


Every cloud has a silver lining

But it is not all bad, we think from Spain Life exclusive, that this pause is a good time to reflect on our businesses and if you still had doubts then look at the importance of your digital presence as a brand. If you sell something and you don’t have a transactional web page yet, find new ways selling your products using social media. .If you have a restaurant or a food outlet then look how you can maybe create a  special take away food menu as a lot of your customers will be keen on this and look to send this to your database online.

But if none of this applies to you, then maybe it is TIME TO BUILD YOUR BRAND by telling people online about you, your dreams and what are you doing to keep sane during the quarantine using social media as a tool to amplify your brand.  What is making this situation bearable is seeing acts of humanity and solidarity and resilience in hard times. It is this spirit we all need to share and what will make our businesses stronger and allow us to get back on track.

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