Slide and turn systems: Let natural light flood your house

The natural light of the Costa Blanca is wonderful. But how can you get more out of it inside your house? The slide and turn systems of Sunflex are the perfect solution. The experts of Amásvista Glass tell us all the details.


On the Mediterranean coast people enjoy many hours of light of pleasant light. To enjoy it to the fullest from inside your home you can open doors and windows, but doing so you will be inviting to enter heat and insects. If you want to take advantage of sunlight, the best solution is to install a slide and turn system for terraces and balconies. These structures allow you to unite the interior area of ​​your home with the exterior, guaranteeing a lovely and impeccable visual appearance. Also, these systems protect against wind and inclement weather, so you can enjoy natural light in any weather condition.


Where can I install a slide and turn system?

These systems are suitable for all types of spaces, whether private or commercial. You can install a slide and turn system on your terrace, in a covered patio, to separate offices or for other kinds of business applications. And you can even create a new space in your garden with transparent walls!


The best slide and turn system for your home
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What models of slide and turn system exist?

Sunflex offers the SF25 and SF35 models. These are characterised by their versatile design, their flexibility and protection against atmospheric phenomena. In addition, they are very resistant and allow you to enjoy the panoramic views offered by your home. Each individual glass panel slides independently back across to the same side to stack. Also, when they are open they can be placed on one side, occupying a minimum space. The system can open to the inside or outside and stack to the left or the right or split to stack on both sides. In addition, all iron fittings are hidden and are low maintenance, fail-safe and corrosion resistant.


All-glass slide and turn systems by Sunflex

The Sunflex SF25 slide and turn system does not require a vertical frame, so it offers an uninterrupted view to the outside. Its timeless design brings great luminosity to the interiors, as well as an intense feeling of freedom. It’s like putting a glass wall in your house, but much more comfortable, resistant and versatile.


Non-insulated slide and turn systems by Sunflex

On the other hand, the Sunflex SF35 slide and turn system is installed with a vertical frame. In this way, safety, acoustic insulation and energy efficiency are enhanced. This system is especially suited to enjoy natural light in the colder months thanks to its double glazing. During the summer the system can be opened completely to enjoy the Mediterranean climate to the fullest.


The best slide and turn system for your home
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How can I install a slide and turn system?

Amásvista Glass is a company that provides services throughout the Costa Blanca. They specialise in the installation of glazing systems for terraces and balconies, covered terraces and roofs, as well as windows, doors and awnings. They provide a clean, accurate and fast service, always keeping in mind the ideas, desires and needs of their clients. Likewise, Amásvista Glass works with the best brands, such as the prestigious German brands Sunflex and Markilux. Their extensive experience in the sector and passion for their work guarantee an unblemished result that will allow you to get the most out of your home or business. Call them today to request your free quote!



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