Showerman, remodelling bathrooms with style and dedication since 1996

The home reform sector may seem cold and boring. Large companies perform all processes mechanically, which affects the customer experience. That is why it is so refreshing to find companies that give a personalized service to their clients. This is the case of Showerman, a bathroom remodelling company with almost 25 years of experience installing shower screens that stands out for the exclusive dedication to its customers.


Showerman is a different business. Alexandra and Don, their owners, throw themselves into each project, dedicating an exclusive, personal and detailed service to each client. When you get in touch with them, they will go to your house to take measurements and see the available space to create or reform your bathroom. Then they offer a budget without commitment that is discussed with the client to adapt it to their tastes and needs. Do not you like that tap? No problem, Showerman can offer a wide variety of items of different prices and qualities. You will always have the expert advice of Alexandra and Don to show you the pieces that suit you in your specific case.


Reform your bathroom with Showerman


Once the budget is accepted, the tiles are chosen and a date is set to start the work. The dates that are handled by Showerman start on Monday and usually end on Wednesday of the following week. That is, you will have a completely new bathroom in just nine days! The service includes disassembling the old parts and cleaning the space, as well as the complete and flawless installation of your new bathroom, of course.


But what sets Showerman apart from other similar companies in the sector is its close and human service, so that each project is personalized to the maximum, always thinking of maximum customer satisfaction. For example, the last time I visited the Showerman store, I found a worried customer because she had broken a wheel on the screen of her shower and could not find any spare part that could serve her. Showerman had not even installed that screen and they could have offered to place a new one, but Alexandra took out a box with bearings until she found one that solved the problem of the client, who left really happy. This is Showerman, a bath reform company, but also warm and friendly people who will put your needs ahead.


Get a stylish bathroom with Showerman


If you want to reform your bathroom, do not hesitate: contact Showerman today. Get in touch with Alexandra at the phone numbers +34 965 792 285 and +34 639 292 081 or the email You will find his store in calle Historiador Escolano, 14, in Jávea (Alicante). For more information visit their website ( and their Facebook profile (


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