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When decorating people have different tastes and styles. We usually get an idea in our head and want everything to come out as we imagined it. That’s why Sendra Decoración offers a customized tailoring service, so that everything goes to your liking!


For all those customers looking for a specific decoration, Sendra has the perfect tailor-made service. When people are looking for items for their home many times find what they were looking for, but in a different colour or in a size that does not fit in the space where they want to place it and they would like the material to be more resistant or prettier. Sendra Decoración has thought about all these needs and that’s why it offers an outstanding customized decoration service whose goal is to fully meet the demands of its exclusive clientele.


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Sendra Decoración has its own workshop with all the necessary equipment to provide the best service, sewing machines, fabrics and different materials so that its customers have countless purchase options. This incredible Sendra service also has specialized technicians who will go to the client’s home to take measurements and recommend styles, colours and shapes.


When someone decides to reform the living room of their home many questions arise, such as how to decorate the walls. In recent times people have grown tired of walls painted with flat colors. One of the best alternatives to this is the decorative paper that without a doubt is the best, fast and practical option for a change. The spaces decorated with this paper reflect the personality of the owner and give the environment a touch of design, style and warmth. Another fundamental issue when decorating the house in addition to the walls it furniture, since our pieces are usually worn and discoloured by use. Sendra Decoración knows this and puts at your disposal a variety of fabrics to upholster all types of furniture, giving them a new life and style, preserving form and details.


Beautiful paper wall


But what about the curtains? The modern curtains are designed to optimize and direct the entrance of light, managing to improve the environment with more pleasant light. This modern curtains have several systems that adapt to any architectural form and Sendra Decoración they have avaible a wide variety of fabrics with many colours, styles and finishes that adapt to the needs of each client. The possibilities are multiple and that is why there are other styles of curtains such as rollers, perfect for salons, studios and offices, as well as blinds, that are better for bedrooms and some use them in family rooms. The Japanese panels are used in salons with minimalist style and the Venetian blinds do not go out of stilye and always provide a quick, durable and economical solution.


Curtains in Sendra Decoración


Go to Sendra Decoración and transform the appearance of your home with a new decoration that suits you! You will find the store on avenida País Valencià, 224, in Benissa (Alicante). Would you like to inspire yourself with more ideas from Sendra Decoración? Visit its website: You can also contact its employees through the phone number +34 965 731 253 or the email For more information  check its social media:


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