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Spring is one of the most wonderful times of the year. There is more light and the fields come back green, filling entire cities with colour. Experts say that spring is associated with youth and the joie de vivre and others say that spring arrives to remind us that it can blossom and start again after the winter storms.


And it is true! Everyone expects this particular time of the year which brings joy to lives with colour and extraordinary landscapes, covers whole cities with the light of the sun, the song of the birds and the perfume of flowers. It is in the spring when you can stop along the way and start again, with another attitude and thought.


Camengo collection at Ka International
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To start a new stage in life it is fundamental to change, renew and choose new paths. A substantial but necessary change must occur in the home or workplace. Yes! Change that old-fashioned colour of the walls, rearrange rooms, living room and kitchen. Usually when people change or renew, some things are filed in a special place in the brain and others are simply erased. The same happens in homes. Renewing is synonymous with modernizing, restoring, innovating, transforming, replacing. Giving way to new elements that confirm the change.


The feeling of renewing and choosing new furniture for home is special as the person seeks a harmony that goes with the personality and style of each individual. Between one of the main characteristics for the purchase of furniture it is necessary to say that in the first place is the comfort, following with a series of factors that complement that desire. The person takes into account the colours of their predilection and of course combine with this new stage of life, choose decorative elements to add a personal touch and go with the new concept.


Camengo in Ka International Altea
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Spring has arrived at Ka International Altea

At Ka International Altea they have exactly what you need! And that is why it offers its clients a variety of furniture and decoration options for home where you can find fabrics, furniture, sofas, curtains and blinds, as well as cushions, wallpaper, blankets and bedding, among other wonderful items. This season Ka International Altea brings the exclusive articles of the new spring collection of Camengo. This brand has innumerable fabrics, curtains and wallpapers to create spaces with magical colours, exquisite flowers and harmonic contrasts. Since 2005 this French brand gives life to their designs with fabrics inspired by the freedom of birds, the combination of warm and cold colours and a perfect confection that is perceived in the delicate finishes.


Get fabrics of Camengo at Ka International Altea
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In the new Camengo collection its spectacular curtains stand out. As everyone knows, curtains are a piece of elementary fabric for all houses, whose function is to prevent the passage of light totally or partially and visibility from the outside. In this way, Camengo manages to transform a piece of elemental fabric into something fantastic and decorative with good taste, elegance and style. Go to Ka International Altea, an authorized distributor of this original brand, and discover a collection of freedom, spring and style.



Go and flourish your home with Ka International Altea! Discover this and other collections in its webpage: You can also leave your comments on its Facebook profile: You will find the store in calle La Mar, 197, local 3, in Altea (Alicante). You can contact its employees through the phone number +34 966 882 617 or email


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