Rains for Easter

The first weekend of Easter we enjoyed a wonderful weather. The sun has shone on almost the entire Iberian Peninsula and many people have even worn for the first time a splendid swimsuit to take a dip in the sea. But what is a Holy Week in Spain without rain? The low pressure areas are approaching the country from Wednesday and we will have to take back the umbrella.


Today the skies of the whole country have appeared covered by the cloudy intervals, although the temperatures will be high and will go down as the week passes. In addition, on Monday a storm will pass through the north of the peninsula, leaving some accumulations of water. On Wednesday night a low pressure area will approach from ​​Galicia and Portugal that brings a lot of uncertainty for the rest of the week. In the Mediterranean area the Levante wind will blow again, which will bring a lot of humidity and cloudy skies. It is likely that wind and rain will reduce the level of pollen, which is in risk ranges throughout Spain.


Temperatures will drop this week


Rain accumulations are expected between Saturday and Sunday, especially in the south of the peninsula and on the Mediterranean coast. It is likely that a very strong east wind will be added to this, which will aggravate the storm, rainfall and a drop in temperatures. At the moment it seems that in the north of Spain and in the Canary Islands the weather will be more stable, so in those areas people will be able to enjoy more peaceful holidays. In the rest of the provinces people will celebrate Easter under cover while doing indoor activities and tasting the typical torrijas. The most probable thing is that the beach has to wait and that the tradition of carrying out the religious processions under the expected rain is fulfilled.


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