Physioplus Albir: A perfect partnership of the best therapists to bring out your best in mind and body

Paul Espe, owner and Chief Physiotherapist at Physioplus Albir, is the only provider of Active Release Technique (ART) in Spain. ART is a targeted therapy, using up to 900 specific moves which entail the provider working in partnership with the patient. As Paul applies pressure in the form of deep soft tissue manipulation, he directs the patient to move the parts of the body they are working on in specific ways. This helps improve flexibility,  release tension, reduce scar tissue and improve muscle glide, helping to restore normal function and movement to the patient.


This is not the only partnership in operation at Physioplus though. Three more specialised therapists work alongside Paul, to provide a full spectrum of treatments and therapies to bring out the best in function, performance and aesthetics for everyone who walks through this spacious, modern clinic’s doors. Whatever your age, state of fitness or state of health, the team at Physioplus can help with their expert knowledge pool and skill sets, covering all disciplines to aid your physical and mental well-being.


Spain Life Exclusive has been speaking to Emma, Maria and Jessica who, with Paul, make up the  regular team of Physioplus Partners. Here’s a brief introduction to the ladies and their work.

Emma Segovia:

Physioplus  Albir


Emma has worked in fitness, health and wellness for more than 30 years. She trained in Sports Science and Physical Education, and has a Masters Degree in Fitness. She doesn’t describe herself as a physiotherapist, more a sports therapist, although she specialises in posture correction. The results she achieves through stretching, Pilates, reflexology and other techniques are remarkable, and she often works in partnership with Paul to obtain quick and effective results in joints and soft tissues. Her work also helps with injury prevention,  and assists the natural healing process.


Emma’s unique DPostural Method involves assessment and exercises to understand how the body works and why. Then you ‘unlearn’ the bad postural habits that may have resulted from injury, ignorance or chronic pain, and working towards better posture and knowledge. Through training techniques, breathing and mobilisation exercises, it’s possible to make significant improvements to your range of motion, power and endurance. DPostural is a proven sports injury therapy, and can even help improve your golf swing and help to treat soft-tissue injury.


Emma loves her work, and even after a lifetime in this field, she feels she is always learning. She told us:


I love it when people improve their quality of life and health comprehensively, through movement and the desire to overcome limitations, whether physical, psychological or emotional, or a mix of problems. It takes courage and persistence, and I will always want to help people’s lives through movement.


Telephone: 639 88 23 76


Maria Curiel:      


Physioplus  Albir


Maria graduated in Physiotherapy from the University of Granada in 2014, and has worked in Germany at the rehabilitation clinic for Bayern Munich players and other prominent figures in German sport at national and world level. Here, she gained extensive experience in all forms of rehabilitation therapy, including cardiology, traumatology, orthopaedics and prosthetics.


She now specialises in pelvic floor physiotherapy for men and women, having trained for to expert level at CEU University of Elche. It’s a little known discipline of physiotherapy, but pelvic floor problems can have far reaching consequences, including incontinence, prolapse and impaired sexual function in both sexes, at all levels of fitness and all ages.


Maria works with pregnant ladies for prepartum and postpartum therapy, including perineal massage to prepare for birth and prenatal training. She also teaches perineal massage to the patient and her partner, so they can use the therapy at home. Following birth, Maria assesses the perineal muscles, helping to regain normal status, as well as pelvic floor muscle training. She also offers scar treatment therapy for episiotomies and Cesarian sections, and solutions for drug free pain relief for pelvic pain.


Like Emma, Maria is also keep to continue learning more about physiotherapy in general, and  her own speciality of pelvic floor pathology. She says:


My goal is to continue to develop my professional skills at Physioplus with Paul Espe. We are all dedicated to serving our clients and improving their quality of life, by using our specialist skills.


Telephone: 679 90 78 90


Jessica Giron:


Physioplus  Albir


Jessica is the Aesthetics Manager at Physioplus, and has worked for more than 15 years in the fields of  natural weight loss and beauty treatments. She specialises in finding natural solutions to all kinds of aesthetics issues, including skin care, cellulite removal, lymphatic drainage and wrinkle treatment. She has worked at Physioplus since the clinic opened, and also operates from BeautyMax Albir.

Jessica’s most popular treatment is a package of cavitation, radiofrequency, and  presotherapy treatments, which use technology assisted treatment techniques to break down fat and cellulite, firm the skin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, and drain fluids and toxins from the body. Jessica says:


My job is to find out what people consider to be bad in their bodies, then advise what they can do about it reasonably, sensibly and as naturally as possible. The most poignant thing about what I do is that people come in feeling bad or sad, and always come out smiling. I tell them I’m a witch who makes magic potions to make them feel good. The psychology is a bonus.


Telephone: 637 29 65 46


Paul Espe and his dedicated team of expert therapists at Physioplus can cover every aspect of your health to help you move better, feel better and live better. They work individually and as a team with patients and clients to bring out the best in you, in mind and body. Give them a call to see how Physioplus Albir can make a difference to you.


Physioplus Clinic Albir


Contact Details:


Camí de la Cantera, 12, Local 2, 03581 L’Albir, Alicante

Telephone: 966 57 75 89

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