Get your Pandora spring charms in Montenegro jewellers

We are already in spring, the season of flowers, bright colours and life. During these months we dressed with more cheerful clothes to match the good weather. Why not also change the charms of your Pandora bracelet for the occasion? The collection of spring charms and pendants has already arrived in Montenegro jewellers, your trusted jewellery in Denia.


I have to admit it: I love Pandora’s charms. Their designs are exquisite and, although they are small pieces, they have an infinity of details, creating jewels that have a superb elegance and finesses. In addition, there are countless models. The Pandora catalogue is in continuous renovation, so they launch products that adapt to fashion, season and special dates, such as Saint Patrick’s Day or Women’s Day. In Montenegro jewellers you can find hundreds of them, as well as Pandora bracelets, rings, earrings and beautiful chains. And now it’s the turn of the spring collection.


Get the charms and pendants of Pandora in Montengro jewellers


Spring has come to Montenegro jewellers

The colours, the floral designs, the rainbows and the butterflies come to life in the new Pandora charms. These little pieces will steal your heart and fill your bracelet and chain of joy. Among the pieces with which Pandora has surprised us stands out a charming robot fairy with an elegant crown of flowers and slim wings made with sterling silver and a charm with a lovely rainbow painted with soft colours and surrounded by plants. You can also find a pendant of a lucky ladybug, where the designers play with the colours pink, black and gold. It is made with a unique alloy of metals, containing low-alloy silver and copper with a 14-carat gold coating, in addition to transparent cubic zirconias, pink enamel and black crystals. Another exquisite and elegant option is the pendant of a golden butterfly with transparent cubic zirconias, made with sterling silver with an a 18-carat gold coating.


Robot fairy Pandora charmBuy your Pandora products in MontenegroBeautiful ladybug Pandora charmPandora spring collection in Montenegro jewellers


In addition, Montenegro jewellers offers a special service so you can engrave your jewel completely free. Do you want to give something special to a loved one? Nothing better than a cheerful spring charm of Pandora with a beautiful and personalised inscription! And remember that you can still participate in the Argyor alliances draw held in the Montenegro jewellers physical store until May 31, 2019.


Run for your Pandora spring charms and pendants before they run out! You can get them on the website of Montenegro ( and also at the physical store, located at calle Carlos Sentí, 7, in Dénia (Alicante). For more information, call the friendly employees of Montenegro jewellers at the phone number +34 965 78 20 23. You can also send them an email to and visit the Facebook profile (


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