Nice and funny bedrooms for your children

A child’s bedroom is the most special place in the house. Here they play, create intricate imaginary worlds, dream and sleep. An important part of their personality develops between those walls and that is why it is important to provide a space that stimulates their mind and creativity. In Sendra Decoración you will find endless ideas to masterfully decorate your children’s bedroom.


Everything is new for a child. A world of illusions and possibilities opens before them and it is important to encourage their imagination with all kinds of incentives. Their bedroom is their little personal space, so it’s a good place to start. In Sendra Decoración you have many products available that will inspire you to create the bedroom that your children like best. In their showroom you will find reversible duvet covers, curtains, cushions and matching rugs. The primary colours of bright tones and the simple forms prevail in this range of products. Geometric figures, flowers, stars and funny animals are some of their most popular patterns. In addition, you can complete all this with wallpapers that you can easily change when you want to redecorate the room or when your children grow up. If you do not know what you want, visit the Sendra Decoración showroom. There you will be inspired with hundreds of products of the highest quality. Their team will guide you to choose the most appropriate items adapting to the spaces of your home.


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Sendra Decoración decorates your house to measure

In addition to the many and varied products that you will find in the showroom, Sendra Decoración offers a complete tailor-made service. They have their own workshop, advisory at home and installation and assembly service. Ask for your free budget and discover all that Sendra Decoración can do for you.


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In addition, until May 31, Sendra Decoración offers you a 20% discount on a selection of furniture, curtains, cushions and upholstery fabrics by Ka International. Take this opportunity to dress your house with the colours of summer at the best price!


In Sendra Decoración you will find everything you need to create a magical and cosy environment in your children’s room. Visit their showroom today, their nice employees will offer you a lot of decoration ideas. This fantastic store is located on Avenida País Valencià, 224, in Benissa (Alicante). You can also contact the Sendra Decoración team through the telephone number +34 965 731 253 or the email For more information and ideas, please visit their website and social media.


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