Modular Architecture; Have You Heard About It? Well This Is One Of The Best Modern Developments Of Its Time.

ESTUDIO DREAM; “Not only container houses”


In the architectural world, aspects such as adaptability, lightness, and prefabricated modular architecture are already resonating strongly.

New technologies, materials, and techniques allow us to go a step further compared to traditional construction not only in terms of cost reduction, price, or breaking the possible constructive restrictions that we can find, but a long list of advantages that will directly benefit the occupants of the house and therefore it is an option to consider when designing and implementing a new project.





Well, in terms of modular architecture here at Spain Life we have just come across a Valencian company based in Javea that has an impeccable track record and has really won us over with its projects and its philosophy. We spoke to one of its partners, Daniel Ropero, and he tells us all about Estudio Dream.


Estudio Dream has been dedicated to modular architecture and construction for more than 30 years. This type of architecture has been developing a significant growth within the construction industry, so EDAS (Estudio DREAM Architectural Services) wanted to bet on this type of architecture and specialized in modular buildings of any size and for any use, both in new construction, extensions or renovations.



What sets them apart from the rest.


Estudio Dream, as well as working with maritime containers for the construction of additional modules, also works with the “Steel Framing” system (light galvanized steel structures), of which they themselves are manufacturers and which has a proven efficiency of execution, in terms of solidity, speed of work, insulation and has a 25-year guarantee.




It should also be noted that obtaining building permits and licenses from the Costa Blanca Town Halls, which is usually a very tedious process, is handled by their architectural department, making the whole process smoother.



Their specialty is the adaptation of shipping containers into homes, offices and bars, rehearsal rooms, classrooms, etc, and the way they achieve insulation is through a detailed study of the materials and climatology of the location where the unit is to be placed.


They carry out all the necessary installations and offer logistics services with delivery and final positioning at the client’s destination or plot. They also supply used and new containers, checked and with a guarantee, as they are received in the port of Valencia for storage or any other use that the buyer wishes to give it.


The container is delivered with whatever the client determines necessary, whether it be with the window openings made, doors, interior partitions, toilets, etc.






Some of their projects


Estudio Dream assists its clients in the definition of their needs, the search for the property, the design and the execution of the work. The experience acquired in more than 400 projects has allowed them to develop their own flexible and efficient working methodology.


Daniel Ropero as a great expert simulator in inventing corners and setting natural landscapes was in charge of the renovation of the Palermo Zoo in Buenos Aires, a work that made the different species that were in the zoo live in almost identical environments to those of origin with all the attraction that this entails for the visitor.


Palermo Zoo, Buenos Aires, Argentina



His work as an illusionist did not stop there and his background also includes his contribution to Disney World Studios when he was hired by a Japanese company based in Los Angeles to create prop banquets.



Parque de la Costa, Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina


He is currently working on a major project scheduled for February 2022 in Palm Springs, California. It is a roundhouse “RoundDwell” (see here) It is a steel frame building system representing a new era in modern architecture.





Aligning eight of these frames in a circular pattern makes the round dwell possible. It is a modern 1950’s design built out of steel concrete and glass.  No wood was used. 2020’s technology, and sustainability.



A complete guide


Do you want to know more about modular architecture and clear all your doubts? Well, Estudio Dream on its website offers a guide where you can learn first-hand how a shipping container is adapted to a house, where you can learn about the design process that will help you create and customize your next home. Eighty pages with photos, projects, designs and step-by-step tips and tricks to achieve the perfect home for you.




More than 30 years of experience endorse their track record in the modular architecture sector.  Specialized in the design, manufacture, and installation of industrialized construction solutions, if you need to build your home, your business or architectural solutions then contact them now you will be pleased you did.



Contact Details:


Address: Avenida Via Augusta, 30, Office 1, VALENCIA

+34 675 90 07 67





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