Let’s go solar! SolarNRG presents a case study in successful renewable energy development

SOLAR NRG the Dutch specialized company in solar energy systems established in Costa Blanca that we recommend today shows us a case study of how switching to more energy-efficient lighting will lead to significant savings in electricity.


Since 2003, SolarNRG has been supplying solar panel systems for both private and commercial customers. With their seventeen years of experience and more than 470,000 solar panels sold, they opened as we know a  subsidiary on the Costa Blanca which we have been featuring here on Spain Life Exclusive.


They are a subsidiary of one of the largest solar panel companies in the Netherlands and they use software developed at TU Delft to precisely adapt your system and optimize it for your building.


This allows them to offer you a quotation with all their knowledge and experience in an easy, fast and economical way.


Below you will find a quotation of a specific case of an installation that was installed on May 15, 2020.


































And now we will show you the bill from Iberdrola where you can see they pay you back for the energy you send back to the grid. This is called Plan Solar from Iberdrola. It’s the surplus offsetting in the bill.



.    .   
















As you can see, there are many advantages to going solar, since, in addition to creating clean renewable power from the sun and benefitting the environment, you will be saving on your electricity invoices.


By investing in solar energy, you are also increasing the value of your home.

There are several factors that have led experts to point to Spain as the most profitable market in the world for photovoltaic investments in the coming years. Spain has ideal geographical and climatic characteristics for the exploitation of solar energy.


In short, Spain is ready to switch to Solar energy and SolarNRG is happy to help you with this by installing a customized Solar energy installation.



Visit their website  and fill in the form for a customized quote or send an email to  ask your questions, they will be happy to answer them.





Carretera Nacional 332

Partida Cap-Blanch 70-8

03590 – Altea

Telephone: +34 966 941 849  –  –

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