KA International Altea: a story of effort and self-improvement

Every day we hear that any dream can be achieved through sacrifice. This is the beginning of Agnieszka Mika’s story, the current owner and manager of the KA International Altea store. Her business has already more than 30 years of experience and is a benchmark in the interior furniture and decoration sector in the Costa Blanca.


Agnieszka Mika arrived in Spain from Poland when she was only 21 years old. She came to work as an au-pair for a family in Madrid and to study economics, just as her mother wanted. But deep down she had more creative aspirations to express her artistic talent. Almost penniless, she went to Mallorca, where she found work in the yacht and sailing business. She was not afraid to roll up her sleeves and do what was needed in her job, always with a smile on her face and a fighting spirit. Thanks to her positive, sincerity and powerful attitude, she managed to gain the trust of the people she knew. That’s how she met her boss and mentor. He was a Spanish businessman who wanted to develop Mika’s creative curiosity and her natural intelligence. In this way, she went from managing his yatchs to work as an employee for five years to KA International Altea, a store of furniture and interior decoration that was beginning to emerge. Just like Mika herself.



The indefatigable Agnieszka Mika worked hard every day, giving the best of herself, until one day she was given the opportunity to take on the store. With the dream in mind of buying her own business, she went to the banks and got a loan miraculously, since her only collateral was her word and her hard work. Applying her studies in economics and her creative aspirations, she put herself in charge of a business that she was already passionate about. In this way, she could express her artistic talent in the interior design with furniture and fabrics, combining fabrics and textures to create harmonious spaces.



After several years in charge of her business, Mika’s expert management has achieve to place KA Internacional Altea among one of the best interior decoration stores for businesses and homes on the Costa Blanca. Her design line is characterized by focusing on projects with personality and charm over larger and more impersonal ones. To achieve this she has a team of professionals who share her passion for work, such as interior decorators, seamstresses, upholsterers and assemblers, among others. In addition, she has the backing of KA International, one of the most prestigious interior design businesses in the world. This company took its first steps in Madrid —as Agnieszka did—, where fabrics imported from the United States were sold in a small shop. Through excellence, good taste and inspiration characteristic of the brand, KA International has today 400 franchises in more than 50 countries around the world, being the banner of the avant-garde in interior decoration.



Thus, KA International has managed to create its own style that characterizes it: the ‘KA style’. It also offers a decoration advice service for individuals and professionals, as well as upholstery services of all types of furniture. Both KA International and Agnieszka Mika represent the fruit of sacrifice, professionalism, passion for work, commitment and excellence in service. In her upmarket store she offers furniture, cushions, wallpapers, blankets, curtains, blinds and fabrics, among many other KA International products of the highest quality, all manufactured in Spain. In addition, she works with mighty luxury brands, such as Luxaflex, Gastón y Daniela, Wabi Sabi House, Casadeco Jab Anstoetz, Latorre, Laura Ashley, KP, Casamance, Somfy, Sumbrella, Ostacarpets and Dedar, among others of renowned standing.



If you want to visit Agnieszka Mika and its dazzling shop, you will find them at KA International Altea, in the local 3 of 197 La Mar Street, in Altea (Alicante). You can contact this shop by phone +34 966 882 617. Likewise you can see their latest news on their Facebook page ( and check the KA International catalog on their website (


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