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Insurance advice for a new life. When considering a move to Spain, the number one reason that most expats relocate is for the weather. Spain is one of the sunniest countries in Europe, with some area enjoying around 300 days of sunshine every year. These are perfect conditions for an almost all year round al fresco way of living – imagine hosting garden dinner parties, lazing on the beach or enjoying sports such as golf or swimming.


Spain is also the ultimate stress relief place to move to. Their relaxed approach to work understanding of the ideal work-life balance is testament in the huge number of national, regional, community, seasonal and religious festivals (fiestas) that take place throughout the year.


While this all sounds very idyllic, if you are considering or have moved to Spain, it is essential that you have adequate insurance in place for a myriad of areas such as house, life, health and car insurance. This is where Turner Specialists comes in with their insurance advice.


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A Different Approach to Insurance in Spain

Turner Insurance Specialist S.L. is a fully registered insurance agency with their head office located in Javea, Costa Blanca. It caters for a wide variety of insurance needs especially for ex pats such as health insurance, life insurance, house insurance and much more. Take a look at some of the types of insurance they offer:

Car Insurance advice

Cover for Spanish and UK registered cars, vans, motorbikes and classic cars, our policies are in English and we have English speaking staff and claim handlers to take the stress out of dealing with insurance in Spain. Our policies are some of the most comprehensive available in Spanish market giving better cover than our competitors.


Health Insurance advice

Turner Insurance Specialists offer the best health insurance and private medical insurance cover for foreigners and expats, all over Spain, with the best private hospitals, clinics and GP´s for you to use, as well as various options for free choice of Doctors, in Spain and on a Worldwide basis, should you wish that extra cover.


Life Insurance

A life insurance policy in Spain is the same as it is in the UK and other countries, an insurance policy on your life, so in the event the unforeseen happens, the policy will pay out an agreed amount to your next of kin or designated beneficiary.


Marine Insurance suggest

Turner Insurance Specialists can offer cover for UK, Spanish or European registered speed boats, jet skis, catamarans, sail boats, cruisers and fishing boats. We have various covers we can offer including nautical assistance, giving cover in Spanish coastal waters, European Mediterranean waters or even all the Mediterranean, including inland canals and rivers.


Commercial Insurance

Cover for your business in Spain is also available, whether it is a bar, restaurant, Estate Agent, office, shop, supermarket, hair or beauty salon, garage, factory, construction company, anything you need.


Community Insurance

Turner Insurance Specialists offers cover for Communities and Homeowners associations all over Spain with very competitive premiums and comprehensive cover.


Pet Insurance

Cover for you dog or cat, from liability cover to a full policy including accidents and illness, in any vet clinic of your choice, without an excess.


Accident Insurance advice

Turner Insurance Specialists offer accident insurance with a range of options, covering death or invalidity due to accidents, including medical bills and daily compensation if you are hospitalised or unfit to work.


House Insurance

Turner Insurance Specialists has been operating for over 10 years and offers the most comprehensive home insurance Spain cover for building, contents, jewellery and valuables in your home, rented property or holiday home in Spain as a homeowner or as a tenant. They offer competitively priced policies in English, English speaking staff to deal with your claim and a professional personal service to take the worry out of insuring your home, holiday home or property in Spain.


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Turner Insurance Specialists are an exclusive agent for Liberty Seguros and DKV Seguros and via these companies, who are considered the best of the best in Spain, they offer a whole spectrum of insurance products to suit your needs.


To book an appointment with Turner insurance specialists to discuss your insurance needs, contact them.



Turner Insurance

Avenida del Pla 135, buzón 37, Jávea – 03730 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 461 625


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