How to manage your taxes in Spain

Are you a non-resident in Spain or do you have the Spanish residence permit? If so, do you fully understand what your tax implications are? Today we talk with Lidia Bertomeu, economist at Poquet & Asociados, about the importance of managing your property, finances and taxes in the right way.


Do you know ho to manage your taxes? Let’s be honest: tax administration in Spain is really complicated. The Agencia Tributaria Española (Spanish Tax Agency) does not make it easy for its taxpayers. Every year, every quarter and even every month you have to present models, accounting books and countless forms that seem to never end. And if this is very complex for Spaniards, it is even more difficult for foreigners. If you need help managing your taxes, at Poquet & Asociados you will find what you are looking for.


Poquet & Asociados is located in the idyllic fishing village of Moraira. It is a professional office formed by lawyers and economists of different nationalities to provide a comprehensive advisory service to Spanish nationals, residents and non-residents. They work throughout the north of the Costa Blanca and speak several languages ​​to adequately serve all their clients. Thus, the excellent team of Poquet & Asociados can assist you in Spanish, Valencian, English, French, Dutch and German.


Tax management companies in Moraira


A comprehensive service for the administration of your taxes

The excellent professional team of this firm has lawyers and economists with extensive experience, so that they can help you manage your finances, guide you legally or solve all your doubts, whether you are a Spanish national or a foreigner. Their work is characterised by offering quality and transparent personalised advice, so that it is easy for you to understand everything they do. Poquet & Asociados is a trusted firm, where they will indicate the possible costs and consequences of your actions before the Spanish Administration or the courts.


They are also specialised in the complete orientation of the acquisition of properties in Spain, accompanying you throughout the process, performing all administrative procedures and always looking for the best solutions for you. But they also handle other types of issues, such as inheritance or patrimony management, as well as real estate, civil, accounting and tax law, among others, for companies and individuals. On the other hand, they have also incorporated insurance mediator services in collaboration with the prestigious company Allianz Seguros, offering offers tailored to the needs of each client.


Tips to manage your taxes


If you have questions on manage your taxes and finance matters and you want to avoid problems with the Spanish Tax Agency, then speak to Poquet & Asociados today. They can attend you during office hours (Monday to Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.) and even at another time by appointment. For more information, please visit their website and find them on social media.



Poquet & Asociados

Carretera Moraira a Calpe, 197, local 1, Teulada – Moraira – 03724 (Alicante)

Phone: +34 966 498 560


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